GreenLid Fills Green, Smoothie-Sized Void at 331 Cortland


Bernalwood must have slept through the alarm, because somehow we missed the news that GreenLid Smoothies had opened in the glamorous 331 Cortland food marketplace. But for the fact that we recently had to refill our supply of Paulie’s Pickles, it might have taken even longer for us to bring you this important green drink news. For this Bernalwood can only apologize.

Regardless, lovers of blended green kale-based smoothie drinks will be pleased to know that Andrea Talley has opened her GreenLid kiosk in 311 Cortland. She tells us:

Neighbors and fellow green juice lovers,

There is a green mmoothie bar located in Bernal Heights! It’s in the marketplace at 331 Cortland Avenue. At long last the wait is over.

What’s a green smoothie, you ask? Unlike juice, green smoothies maintain all of the fiber and nutrients of the whole fruit and leafy green. Each smoothie is made with fresh, local fruit and vegetables like kale, avocado, apples and oranges. There are no added sugars, no preservatives and each smoothie is gluten-free and vegan!

GreenLid Smoothies began making fresh, all natural green goodness last year- delivering smoothies to commercial offices around the city. Toward the end of the year, they decided to open the doors to the public. When you go to the smoothie bar, you’ll see (and recognize) every ingredient that goes into the blender and taste the freshness.

Right now there are three flavors on the menu: Almond Banana, Apple Ginger and Orange Mango. These smoothies are seriously good! Check them out at 331 Cortland Avenue.

PHOTO: Andrea Talley, by Telstar Logistics

9 thoughts on “GreenLid Fills Green, Smoothie-Sized Void at 331 Cortland

  1. OK, I’m officially confused. First it’s these drinks are all made with fresh, local stuff (which is good) and then we get the three flavors, Almond Banana, Apple Ginger and Orange Mango (which sound yummy.) When did bananas, oranges and mangos start growing in the bay area? Am I sensing a little SF is so cool hype here?

    I wish the new business all the success in the world. That market concept at 331 is really cool.

    • @George, I’ve been going to Greenlid for the past few weeks and had the same question. As I’ve talked to Andrea about the “local” question she told me that they use local ingredients as often as possible. But of course as the seasons change ingredients need to be sourced abroad like other juice / vegan restaurants do so they have enough options to offer us! You should go try it out, Andrea is a great and her Greenlid smoothies are delicious!

      • James, I now live in Monterey but keep my house in Bernal after many years of living there. I am always thrilled to see the ‘hood do so well. Living in Monterey is wonderful! We are the nation’s salad bowl and the year round fresh, local produce and meats are great.

    • Hey George- you’re right. The way it’s worded is a little confusing. At GreenLid we use fresh/ local/seasonal produce whenever possible… Oranges are grown local but mangos and bananas are coming from the tropics. Nice eye my friend!

      • The combinations you’ve picked sound wonderful, local or not! All the best in the new biz, Andrea.

    • Perhaps “made with” not “made exclusively of”? Local is flexible of course, too…

      In any case, I’m enthusiastically pro-fiber and always wonder how those juice people deal with it taken out. Looks like I’m not the only one!

      Blend away, GreenLid!

  2. These are seriously the best smoothies I’ve had. All 3 are great but I’m addicted to the almond banana. I’ll always be a ‘beginner’. I also love the simple model: 3 choices. always organic. 5-6 bucks.

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