Bonkers Real Estate in Bernal Heights Is Totally Bonkers


It might be the relatively large size of the home at 11 Wright in Bernal’s northeast corner, or maybe the modern amenities and handsome finishes. Or perhaps it’s the effects of a hallucinogenic drug that’s somehow entered our water supply…

Whatever the cause, we must note that CurbedSF gets it just right in a story by Miss Sally that runs under the headline, “Bonkers Real Estate”:

Do check out the sale of 11 Wright in Bernal Heights for your daily dose of San Francisco residential real estate madness. The 3-bed, 2,220-square-foot home was put on the market in mid-November asking $1.299M, and it just sold for $1.5M. That’s $201K over asking.

That is completely bonkers.

PHOTO: via Redfin

9 thoughts on “Bonkers Real Estate in Bernal Heights Is Totally Bonkers

  1. Is it possible to define bonkers in this context? Is this being used as a generic term or something more definitive?

  2. I’m actually not surprised. This is a really sweet property. Agents have been under-pricing properties a lot too.

  3. I toured it and it was fantastic on the inside and a lovely deck and backyard. The staging was good but the kitchen cabinets were unique and the downstairs basement bedroom felt roomy.

  4. Looks nice. Compared to some of the wrecks that have sold for just a bit less, i think this was properly priced in this market.
    Move this house to Noe and its 3m+

  5. In the context of the current “bonkers” market, not a bad deal. But when the bubble breaks (and it will break again at some point in time), all hell will break loose on those coming into the market madness. Welcome to San Francisco!

  6. Don’t believe any asking prices in SF. Listing agents intentionally underprice properties by huge amounts to create a kind of auction effect, when multiple bidders are expected. If agents have a deadline for bids they’re likely using this tactic, and most have been lately. But as others have mentioned, this is a cheap price if you believe the square footage. More likely some of the square footage was below grade and discounted. If all that square footage was on par the house should have sold closer to $1.8m IMO

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