Thursday: Tis the Season for the 2013 Cortland Holiday Stroll

Holiday Stroll

Holiday Stroll

Many many many moons ago, in the time of our Bernal ancestors, a joyous tribe of elves lived in the Dominion of Bernalwood. Each year, during the run-up to the winter equinox, these proto-Bernalese would gather on the street we now call Cortland to celebrate the arrival of the rains and the season of lights.

Today, many tens of thousands of years later, the Bernal Business Association has revived this ancient ritual, in the form of the  Cortland Holiday Stroll. The 2013 Stroll happens this Thursday, December 5, from 6 to 9 pm, and in addition to the neo-traditional sidewalk merriment, there’s also a new Holiday Marketplace happening inside the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center.

Neighbor Michael Minson tells us all about it:

Our annual Winter Stroll is on Thursday, December 5th this year. Thousands of our neighbors (both in Bernal and beyond) will come to Cortland to kick off the holiday shopping season, Bernal-style!

This year, in addition to all the excitement on Cortland, the Bernal Business Alliance (BBA) is hosting a Holiday Marketplace in the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center.

Shoppers and their children will be entertained with music and food in the Neighborhood Center (BHNC) and along Cortland, while they check out what local merchants and artists have to offer.

The Bernal Heights Holiday Marketplace is open from 6p to 9p on Thursday, 5-Dec. It’s free to attend.


PHOTOS: Images of Holiday Strolls from years past, by Telstar Logistics

8 thoughts on “Thursday: Tis the Season for the 2013 Cortland Holiday Stroll

  1. Other than Bernalwood, does anyone know where are things like this are publicized? I haven’t been up on Cortland for a couple of weeks, so perhaps I missed the fliers. (I live near Precita Park.) I was googling it a few days ago and could not find anything anywhere for Dec 2013. I had wanted to organize my urban walking group (San Francisco City Steps) to do a walk and end up on Cortland. Unfortunately, 8 hours notice just isn’t enough time for me to pull that together…

    • You raise an excellent point.

      There are more events around the ‘hood than Bernalwood can comprehensively cover, and as you’ve probably intuited, as a policy I generally promote events near the actual event date in the interests of newsiness.

      All that is to say that if anyone knows of a tool Bernalwood could use to easily publish and administer an organizer-submitted Events notice page, I’d welcome your suggestions. Something kind of like the bulletin board next to Good Life, but with postings vetted by Bernalwood. It’s a missing piece of our infosphere.

  2. has a nice neighborhood calendar. It has the Holiday Stroll and the Inclusions Gallery 6 Year Anniversary listed on there for today, a Holiday Party at Secession tomorrow and a Library Winter Celebration featuring the Bernal Jazz Quartet next week. Worth checking out!

  3. Bundled up the baby and took her down at 6:15. Sorry, but 2 chiropractors, a real estate agent and a massage therapist do not a “holiday marketplace” make. Plus, no carolers/music, promised. For once, was kinda bummed about our ‘hood!

  4. i got there late but still managed to have a holiday beverage or treats at Heartfelt, Succulents, Bernal beast and Inclusions. I really liked the candlelit street this year!

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