These Are the 10 Least Expensive Homes for Sale In Bernal Heights Right Now


Miss Sally, our friend at the CurbedSF website, just published a fascinating round-up of the 10 Least Expensive Homes for Sale in Bernal Heights right now:

We combed through the listings to check out the current residential real estate scene in Bernal Heights. Boundaires are above and are set by the realtors, though several Bernal Heights residents have agreed with them. As always, no property in contract was included on the map. The least expensive listing on the map is a 2-bedroom condo on Glady St. that’s asking $580K, and the most expensive is a single-family home that’s asking $1.299M. Let’s get this party started!

Click through to take a detailed look at each of the 10 homes. The absolute prices may be alarming, but in relative terms, this list suggests you can still buy a single-family house in Bernal Heights for less money than it costs in many other parts of the City. FWIW.

3 thoughts on “These Are the 10 Least Expensive Homes for Sale In Bernal Heights Right Now

  1. Hi Jayson,

    Just in case you are still dreaming of Bernal. The definition of cheap sure has changed.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. I don’t know if there’s much cause for optimism (if you’re looking to buy a house) based on these listings. Many of these listings are priced at $600-$700 per square foot, which seems like strategic underpricing to generate a bidding war given that Bernal homes are selling around or above $900/sf over the past several months. In fact one house on Banks sold for over $1100/sf recently:

  3. Most expensive of the least expensive is $1.299M? And it’s a 3 bedroom!?!?!?!?!!! That’s insane. I’ll never be able to upgrade (size) in my neighborhood I love. 😦

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