Found: Are You Missing Your Parakeet?


Neighbor Sara found this parakeet, and if it’s yours, she’d like you to have it:

I found this cute and cold parakeet this morning on Winfield near Esmeralda street. If you know someone who is missing it,  please have them contact me. It is safe and warm inside now, albeit in a bucket. Unfortunately, I am not equipped with a bird cage. Little yellow cheeks with blue dots on top.

Please contact the Bernalwood Small Bird Recovery Hotline (bernalwood@gmail) if you would like to claim the creature.

6 thoughts on “Found: Are You Missing Your Parakeet?

  1. Please post a note about it at Bernal Beast, too. That’s how we found our lost bird last year. Hope all parties find each other soon!

  2. I am so sorry to report that this sweet little Bird passed away. I had given it some water a little love and a warm spot in the house. I left for 3 hours and when I came home it had passed away. If this little tweet was yours, know that it got some loving before it left. I am not sure how long it had been on its own and what kind of mischief it had been into before my finding it, but in its last few moments it was a very sweet lovable creature. So sorry that I could not have done more.

  3. Hope the little thing finds its owner. Maybe post a flyer on your street on a pole? That was very kind of you to take it in. Please keep us posted.

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