2 thoughts on “A Ridiculously Great Photo of the Recent Full Moon Rising

  1. That big yellow moon really pisses me off. It just circles and circles. Ever think of buying an orbit somewhere else and not reflecting all that sunlight at our little planet? Like maybe around Venus? I hear there’s plenty of room. Geez.

  2. Please leave the hard working bus driver a lone. Must old baby boomers who never had there kid take a bus to school, but has three cars and there kid goes to private school. Since the prop 13 laws took most of the taxes out of schools and made the profits of real estate capital gains not taxed, schools are strapped. Try having tolerance for the hard working people who run this town. First we don’t pay very much for that job, second he probably has nowhere else to park it, and third you old assholes had everything given to you on a silver platter and never won a single war. Social security should be for the young, draft the old and tax the rich.

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