Alemany Farm Raising Funds to Build Outdoor Kitchen



There’s some tasty infrastructure news coming out of the Alemany Farm that overlooks scenic I-280 along Alemany Boulevard. Plans are afoot to build an outdoor kitchen on the site, and  former Bernal resident Aaron Mckenzie from the California College of the Arts is spearheading involved with the design effort. Aaron writes:

A team of artists, architects and designers from California College of the Arts is working with the Alemany Farm to design and construct an outdoor community Kitchen on site. The team has been awarded a $10,000 grant though the IMPACT Social Entrepreneurship Awards to execute this collaborative, community-based project.

Meanwhile, a Kickstarter campaign got underway yesterday to complete funding for the project:

Our set goal is to raise $5,000 to help cover the cost of permitting fees, contract labor, an ADA accessible walkway, as well as some finishing touches to the kitchen. With the additional funds, we anticipate to finish construction by the end of September. But with this minimum goal, we can only give the farm the bare essentials. So we’re hoping to raise more than just $5,000. The hope for us is to build the farm a fully functional kitchen, complete with natural gas line and stove. This will allow the farm to conduct proper cooking classes in the long run.

Here’s the video:

The fund drive ends on August 19. You can find more information about the project on the Facebook, or visit the Kickstarter page to make a contribution.

PHOTOS: Alemany Farm Outdoor Kitchen

5 thoughts on “Alemany Farm Raising Funds to Build Outdoor Kitchen

  1. Thanks for the shout out!
    CCA students from numerous disciplines came together to design this project and received funding from CCA’s IMPACT Social Entrepreneurship Awards. I’m actually not the one spearheading the project … I simply help to administer the award.
    That being said, their work to totally amazing and you should check it out and support it!

  2. Wow really ?? An out door kitchen in the projects. What will they be cooken crack or meth ? They need to learn about gun controll and birth controll .They be acting a fool around them projects. Mark my words that kitchen will be full of graffiti and out of order in no time flat.

  3. As commendable as this idea is, the outdoor kitchen will only become vandalized.. Better idea is to raze Alemany Projects. The place is nothing but a crime infested dump. Amazing that the farm has not been destroyed yet. Very brave are the persons who take care of it.

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  5. yeah that outdoor kitchen is only going to be destroyed and alemany isnt a dump pamela it isnt the best but its home to me and it has potential in becoming a nice neighborhood just wanted to add my two cents in

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