Celebrity Magazine Celebrates Art Collection of Celebrity Bernal Neighbor


In addition to claiming several famous rockstars as residents and providing a glamorous background for indie music videos, Bernal Heights is also home to meta-rockstar Jordan Kurland of Zeitgeist Artist Management and San Francisco’s much-loved NoisePop music festival.

This week, 7×7 Magazine published an article about Neighbor Jordan’s music-themed art collection:

Growing up in Chicago in the ’70s and ’80s, Jordan Kurland’s bedroom walls were plastered with posters of Michael Jordan and The Who. While this teenage practice of Scotch-taped decor is fairly common, less expected is the transformation of that dedication to visual pop-culture stimuli into a full-fledged art collection. In Kurland’s case, such an impressive assembly of witty street art and classic rock-and-roll photography is a natural extension of his successful music career.

“I started with works from up-and-coming artists who were designing concert posters for Noise Pop,” says the Bernal Heights resident, who cofounded the San Francisco indie-music festival in 1993. “I was just trying to get stuff up on my walls.” In his quest to fill blank spaces, Kurland—who also helms Zeitgeist Artist Management, an agency that represents such celebrated acts as Death Cab for Cutie and the New Pornographers—acquired early graffiti-inspired pieces by the likes of Noise Pop contributors Thomas Campbell, William Swanson, and Shepard Fairey, all now firmly established in the art world.

PHOTO: Jen Siska/7×7

4 thoughts on “Celebrity Magazine Celebrates Art Collection of Celebrity Bernal Neighbor

  1. Jordan was also manager of my hands-down favorite local band ever, Creeper Lagoon. If you’ve never d/l any of their stuff (they were around back before downloading was really even a thing, if you can believe that!), get on it. Especially “I Become Small and Go.” Not only was it fun to root for the local guys back then, the music is timeless.

  2. Noisepop is pasé.

    What this town needs is a Fringe Festival. During the month of September, the city should encourage artists and performers from around the world to visit our fair city and make art on the streets and sidewalks of the city, like they do in Edinburgh, Scotland’s Fringe Festival.

    Let the burning horde go to the desert to flaunt their stuff for one another, the city needs a yearly Fringe festival so that normal people can enjoy real art.

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