D9 Supervisor David Campos Will Run for State Assembly

David Campos 1 - SF Center Soiree 8

District 9 Supervisor David Campos will seek a seat in the California Assembly. The news comes via the SF Appeal:

San Francisco Supervisor David Campos is announcing today that he will run for state Assembly.

Campos, who represents San Francisco’s District 9, which includes the Mission, is seeking to replace Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, who is being termed out of office next year.

If Campos wins the seat, it would be the second time he followed in the footsteps of Ammiano, who served as District 9 supervisor before being elected to the state Assembly in 2008.

Let the editorializing begin!

PHOTO: SF LGBT Community Center

25 thoughts on “D9 Supervisor David Campos Will Run for State Assembly

  1. Oh. That’s from last year. For some reason both of these Campos posts showed up in my newsreader right next to each other.

  2. He won’t get a vote here. Campos, along with the other so-called ‘progressives’, is the perfect reason to bring back city wide elections for supervisors. He is totally useless in District 9. The daily crime, quality of life issues, is out of control. We can only hope that someone competent will be the district’s next supervisor, who actually works for his voting constituents, & not just give lip service.

    • Pamela, I can’t see why the fact that campos has been kind of a mediocre supervisor (which I agree with you about), had to turn into an anti district elections rant. I mean, the fact that he is Our supervisor means he represents our hood, we have a guy to turn to (or turn on ) if there’s a crime spree on cortland for example….

      District supervisors are a really great way to hold our local government accountable, it’s totally obvious to me.

  3. Our Bernal neighbor David Campos has been a great Supervisor. He’s a progressive who is also extremely pragmatic and real-world oriented. He has taken on many issues successfully, both big and small. He has been a strong supporter of our successful community policing work here in Bernal Heights, beginning before his election to the Board of Supervisors, while a member of the SF Police Commission, He has personally participated in our successful effort to improve Holly Courts public housing development, and our largely successful effort at Alemany public housing development. His work with the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center and the resident leaders at those developments led to improvements in the areas of Bernal around Holly and Alemany as well as at the developments. His efforts, in concert with the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center and Bernal’s many strong block organizations and SAFE groups, led to SFPD Chief Greg Suhr rewriting the Department’s rules on community policing. He’s also a great guy and a wonderful human being, unlike most politicians. He is running to replace our Assembyman Tom Ammiano, who has termed out. Campos terms out as Supervisor in 2016. And yes, rumor has it that SF Board of Supervisor’s member David Chiu will also run. If anyone has any questions about his work, please contact me at 415/385-0389 or buckb@devinegongcom.

    • I agree with Buck and am sorry that so many readers of this blog do not appreciate David’s efforts on behalf of those in our neighborhood who are most in need of assistance.

    • In the police/safety initiatives I’ve worked on, I’ve also found him to be very responsive and helpful. I’m sorry that others haven’t had the same experience.

  4. We should never forget that David Campos voted to reinstate admitted spouse abuser Ross Mirkarimi. David cast his vote, now it is our turn.

  5. PS Have you snide posters that view Campos as invisible ever been to a neighborhood meeting in our community? If you have, and more than 3 of your fellow cynics attended, it’s hard to believe that you view Campos, and his excellent staff as invisible. Ever been to our neighborhood center at 515 Cortland Ave.? Or do you think that the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, with its 650 dues-paying members, is invisible too? If you even noticed, how did you like the community-wide response to the three mugginfs a while back? Camos was very involved in that effort. Also, I AM planning on being a member of his election committee to the vacant Assembly seat, as a volunteer. Just by the way, have you nay sayers ever worked in an election campaign? Politics is a participation sport here in SF, and especially in Bernal Heights, the most organized and active community in the City. So get off your asses, and get actively involved in your neighborhood. Sitting on your duffs and sniping on our wonderful Bernalwood site ain’t being active.

  6. Campos has been worse than useless in our efforts to get some real traffic calming here in St. Mary’s Park. He’s paid the obligatory lip service and then apparently done nothing at all to nudge the people in charge to finally find a way to alleviate the freeway overflow careening along Genebern and Murray to Mission at breakneck speeds, even though we urgently reported to him about the pedestrians being carted off to the hospital after being mown down at that intersection.

    • Neil: What’s your number, or please call me at 415/385-0389. I’d like to help, and make sure that Campos does if he can.

  7. I agree with many of the comments that supervisor Campos did not have his thoughts of the district in mind for mouse of his tenure, but rather other issues that were more in his line with his thinking. Good riddance.

  8. He made my daughter cry when he was campaigning at Fiesta on the Hill a few years ago. I’m going with the wisdom of the child on this one.

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