Tierra Mia Coffee Shop Opens on Mission at Valencia



Tierra Mia Coffee is a new coffee shop on Mission Street along the Bernalwood/La Lengua Liminal Zone, and owner Ulysses Romero writes to tell us about it:

Tierra Mia Coffee has opened a store in San Francisco. We have taken over the space that was previously the Way Out Café and Caffeinated Comics (and previously Taco Bell!), at 3188 Mission St, on the triangle corner where Mission and Valencia intersect.

Tierra Mia stands for “my land” or “my earth”, people will use it to describe where they are from in Latin America (town, city, state or country). Tierra Mia Coffee as a company is an artisanal coffee roaster who’s mission is to provide the freshest and highest quality Latin-inspired coffee, beverages, and pastries in a setting that is comfortable, contemporary, and highly reflective of Latin American culture.

PHOTOS: Courtesy of Tierra Mia Coffee

6 thoughts on “Tierra Mia Coffee Shop Opens on Mission at Valencia

  1. Want to love this place… but… Wifi: No. Use of corner outdoor patio: No. Price of 1 lb. bag of dark roast beans: ~$18 (plus tax). Seating: fairly limited. 😦
    But good luck!

  2. Absolutely incredible Horchata Frappe. For those who like their espresso drinks AND their Latin cuisine/beverages, this drink is a dream. Very pleasant decor as well.
    May they remain and thrive.

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