Photos of Fireworks from Bernal Hill (and the Volunteers Who Cleaned Up Afterward)



Although the meathead-induced brush fire and other assorted acts of unpleasantness on Bernal Hill left a bad taste in many mouths, we should also remember that the weather on the evening of July 4 was uncommonly great, and the fireworks display(s) were rather fabulous. Thankfully, we have these photos of the show from Flickr user zoxcleb to remind us of that.

Another feel-good note: The Bernal Go Team deployed on Bernal Hill Saturday morning, and they made speedy work of the post-Fourth clean-up effort. Go, Go Team, G0!


PHOTOS Above, zoxcleb; below, Telstar Logistics

3 thoughts on “Photos of Fireworks from Bernal Hill (and the Volunteers Who Cleaned Up Afterward)

  1. And thanks to all the volunteers who cleaned up on their own initiative on Friday – they did a lot of the heavy (or disgusting) lifting of garbage produced by the 4th of July crowd. Hurray to all who help keep our Hill clean and safe – and boo to those who don’t.

  2. A whole bunch more volunteers than shown here cleaned up Saturday morning. The folks in the photo were part of that group. I think Friday is a typo… unless others cleaned up Friday as well — but those do look like our garbage bags.

    • Yes, there were others on Friday – kind-hearted dogwalkers and the like who took the initiative to clean up much of the broken glass, etc. on their own. (I saw several carrying bags full of bottles when I was out walking my own dog.) But great turnout on Sat. as well, and thanks to all who joined the effort!

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