Cortland Candy Shop Converts Tasty Sugar Into Wholesome Community


There’s a cute interview with Miss Heather from Cortland’s Rock Candy Snack Shop  posted on the San Francisco Small Business Week website, in which Miss Heather explains how she’s trying to build community, one jellybean at a time:

Tell us about the impact you believe your small business has had on your community.

I know I took a dark storefront and painted it pink, wrapped it in Christmas lights, sparkled it with glitter, and filled it with temptation. Parents come up to me and thank me for choosing their neighborhood. Kids relish the day they can grow up and work here. I am working with the SF Mayor’s Employment an Education Program to hire youth this Summer. I sweep the street every day. I attend The Merchants Alliance Meetings to help make the corridor safe and inviting. My store is at its humble beginnings and I know we have a lot more that we want to do to make Bernal Heights stand out as one of the coolest communities in San Francisco.

PHOTO: Rock Candy Snack Shop

5 thoughts on “Cortland Candy Shop Converts Tasty Sugar Into Wholesome Community

  1. I get treats for my dog at Bernal Beast and then I get one for me T Rock Candy Snack Shop. Heather is a great addition to “the street.”

  2. I think she is the only person on that street that sweeps everyday ! I will shop at her store for that reason alone ! Thank God we have someone that thinks that outside is just as important as the inside. Thank you Miss Heather ! Now if we can just get more people like you to sweep and take care of the sidewalks. Courtlan Ave sure can use a good steamclean of the side walks. Was just outside of JC Super Market this am and did it look gross full of old gum dirt etc. Not the look one would want where food is around ! Thank you again Miss Heather for keeping your store so pretty and clean !!!!!!

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