Saturday: 2013 Community Congress at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center


Ailed Paningbatan from the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center extends this invitation to all ye Citizens of Bernalwood:

Hello Community,

Im sure you all have been seeing flyers around, have heard the buzz around the neighborhood and have seen it on BHNC’s face book page etc. It’s that time of the year again – time for BHNC’s Annual Community Congress! This year, we’ll be focusing on Health and Public Safety.

It will be on Saturday, May 11, 2013 from 9:00am-1:00pm at 515 Cortland. BHNC’s Community Congress has been put together in our neighborhood since the 80’s. It is a space for us to discuss, strategize and create platforms for proactive progress and change in our neighborhoods!

We’re very excited that this year’s Congress is focused on health and public safety, an issue that we all care about and is truly appropriate as we have seen the past year with the sudden uptick of crime in our neighborhoods.

There will be four break-out sessions that will be facilitated by our own community leaders, to help guide some of the work that we will continue to do surrounding health and public safety. One workshop is neighborhood safety organizing led by our very own neighbors and block captains Sarah Rogers, Edie Williams, Martha Stein and Ed Whitmore. This workshop will be focused on some of the projects that have stemmed from our latest hot spot walk such as the lighting campaign, as well as other projects and concerns that the community would like to take on!

Our Public Housing Working Group leaders will be facilitating another workshop on how we can all work together towards a safer unified community, another workshop is by our Youth Department in regards to community policing and police/youth relationships that we have been working on through our annual Youth Summits. Another important workshop is on Senior Health and Public Safety. Did you know that due to the city’s recent budget cut, home bound seniors will no longer be able to receive food deliveries? These are some of the recent issues that are going on that we may not know about, BUT definitely can have a serious effect in our neighborhood, in our families, in our future. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

We will also get a chance to have a discussion with both Supervisor Campos and Supervisor Avalos during our report back session so they can hear our concerns, ideas, and priorities that we have discussed during our break out session and what type of support we would need from them.

In addition Captain Falvey from Ingleside Station along with his officers will also be there ingrained in our workshop sessions and during the report back as we have been working closely with them in our public safety work.

We will have tabling info sessions from NERT, SF SAFE, BHNC senior and youth services and plan to have Department of Public Works (DPW) and 311 as well. This is also an opportunity for you to engage with your neighbors. The more we know each other, the more we will look out for each other. This is what neighborhoods and communities are all about!

Community Congress is BHNC’s premier event geared towards sharing the progressive work that is going on, and getting community input to guide all of our work in the coming years. I am calling all community members to spend this time with the neighborhood! It is critical that all neighbors are present and that every community is represented. This is our chance to come together and make sure no voice goes unheard. Community Congress is a vehicle that brings the true spirit of collaboration and community to our neighborhood, and we need everyone to get behind the wheel! I am looking forward to seeing you all there!

Breakfast and Lunch is provided!

Should you have any questions please call or email me separately. Happy Tuesday Bernal and Excelsior!

In Solidarity,

Ailed Quijano Paningbatan-Swan
Director of Community Engagement
Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center
Excelsior Community Center
(415) 206-2140 x 130

Community Congress 2013 Agenda

9:00 Doors open/ registration/ breakfast
9:30 Opening / Welcome (Ailed and Rachel)
9:40 Community Report (Rachel)
9:50 Youth Video
9:55 Meet the BHNC Board (Rachel / Johanna)
10:10 Introductions to the 4 Break Out/ Action groups
10:25–11:45 Break Out/ Action Groups (at BHNC)
12:00 Break Out Action Groups presentations
Panel Responses to the Break Out/ Action Group presentations
12:30 Open Q&A
12:40 Thank You

Lunch and Community Engagement [Tabling: BHNC, NERT, DPW, SF SAFE, 311]

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