Cozy Bernal Heights Vacation Rental Gets Good Gas Mileage



Here’s an easy way to get away from it all — without having to get away at all!

Check out this suh-weet Airbnb vacation rental in Bernal Heights. It’s comfortably furnished, with a queen-size bed, plush seating, big windows, and it even comes with a car you can use. Plus, at just $520 a month (or $92 a night), it’s a fine deal. But there’s just one catch… IT’S A VAN!

I have a 1990 Chevy Conversion van with only 45,000 miles. She runs great and has a cozy queen size van bed in the back and three captain’s chairs, including the driver’s. It has a clean record and gets pretty good gas mileage for a van.  You must have a clean driving record and a valid driver’s licence plus you’re own non-owner’s driver insurance.

The listing shows a street address on Precita Avenue, which is very glamorous. Sadly, however, the listing also informs us that this rental property does not include a kitchen, pool, fireplace, wireless Internet, heating, intercom, washer/dryer, hot tub… or free parking.

UPDATE: It looks like the listing has been removed — Airbnbrushed from history!

HAT TIP: Uptown Almanac

6 thoughts on “Cozy Bernal Heights Vacation Rental Gets Good Gas Mileage

  1. How interesting…great way to make u$e of a vehicle that is probably not enjoying the open road and camping fun as much as it could. We’ve got a similar van, that additionally has a propane stove, sink and refrigerator. I’d be inclined to rent it as well. Too bad my husband had dented and dinged it to death, and never washes it. It looks like hell on wheels.

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