New Signs Mark the Fabulousness That Is Vista Pointe Garden

VPG 03.22.13d

VPG 03.22.13e

The dedication ceremony for the aptly named Vista Pointe Garden on the northeast summit of Bernal Hill happened last June; it was a star-studded gala that included a celebrity appearance by Mayor Ed Lee. Now Neighbor Julian Wyler, the project leader and prime-mover behind the creation of the fabulous mini-park, writes to tell us that the finishing touch at Vista Pointe is now in place:

Our Vista Pointe Garden signs were finally installed this past week by DPW.  The Friends of Bernal Gardens are grateful to Supervisor David Campos for committing the funds to install the two signs.

BTW, Neighbor Julian is the founder of The Friends of Bernal Gardens (TFBG), “a volunteer, grassroots organization dedicated to the transformation of blighted public spaces into gardens that 1) reclaim habitat for bees, butterflies, birds, and 2) promote community pride.” To learn more about TFBG or to join its merry ranks, email <thefriendsofbernalgardens AT gmail DOTCOM>, visit, or contact the Street Parks Program at 415 641-2637.

PHOTOS: Courtesy of The Friends of Bernal Gardens

11 thoughts on “New Signs Mark the Fabulousness That Is Vista Pointe Garden

  1. Thank you Julian for keeping the hood so pretty! I can appreciate the beauty every day. Great job, Julian. Thanks again!!

  2. While the effort and money that went into VP were great and appreciated by us all, many of us are underwhelmed with the outcome. It’s an uninviting space and the design is uninspired. The Mayflower or Powhattan gardens speak much more to the vibrancy of Bernal and our love of natural community spaces. Sorry, I’m just saying publically what many others think.

  3. Well said Pam (although you have to admit the view is incredible). The time and devotion put into the Mayflower Gardens by their surrounding neighbors should also be acknowledged. Take a stroll through them and enjoy their unique beauty..

  4. The Vista Pointe sign appears to have been accidentally relocated from a Walnut Creek gated community. With the fake French name, the oversized scale and fancy italicized font it obviously migrated mistakenly to Bernal Hill. Do we really need a 2nd sign and such an ill suited name for this open space effort…? ¡¡¡SOS ASAP!!!

  5. I’m not a fan of the italicized font as well and it also reminds me a bit of a retirement home. However, today was the first time I saw them and the very first time I realized that this is a public space. Without signs most people will think it’s part of the house behind the garden – so it’s really good to have them in my opinion, I just wish the style would be a bit more simplistic/modern/artistic (choose one).

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