Introducing Bernalwood… The Magazine


As our longtime readers know, Bernalwood is many things. It’s a glamour-soaked nickname for Bernal Heights, our fabulous neighborhood. Bernalwood is a blog. Bernalwood is a Flickr group. Bernalwood is a Twitter account. And now, Bernalwood is a magazine.

Let me back up and explain. By day I work at Flipboard, a company that produces a rather lovely app for reading news feeds on your iOS or Android gadgets. Last night, Flipboard introduced a new version of the app that makes it possible to curate and save articles, tweets, and photographs into a digital magazine which (much like the rest of Flipboard) looks rather sexy.

For the last few months, I’ve been test-driving the new version of Flipboard by publishing a magazine called (…wait for it…) Bernalwood! In essence, it’s a curated compilation of all the other manifestations of Bernalwood, all packaged together in one place, in a paginated, visually rich format.


In practical terms, that means I’ve combined the posts from the Bernalwood blog with images submitted to the Bernalwood Flickr group and clever/funny/insightful posts about Bernal Heights that have been posted to Twitter. The result is a way-new sort of neighborhood news publication that you can read right now on your iOS device (Android is coming soon), but which feels like a glossy magazine.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, just follow this link from your device to download Flipboard. Once the app is installed, search for Bernalwood, then tap the “Subscribe” ribbon at the top left to add Bernalwood magazine to your Flipboard.


Don’t worry… the Bernalwood blog isn’t going anywhere. Bernalwood magazine is just a different way to get the Bernal Heights experience, from the safety and comfort of your personal device. Try it out, and thanks, as always, for playing along as we continue the Bernalwood experiment.

Oh, want to create a magazine of your very own? Go for it! The new version of Flipboard lets you do it too.

13 thoughts on “Introducing Bernalwood… The Magazine

  1. So freaking cool Todd. Love Flipboard, love the magazine, and forever love Bernalwood!

    Thanks for all the hard work

  2. Hm. I searched FlipBoard on my iPhone’s FlipBoard and got a whole bunch of things: Twitter searh, Twitter users, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Google+ Posts, Google+ Users, YouTube Videos, Flickr Photos, Flickr Groups, Instagram Tags, RSS Search By Blecko (?)… What’s the magazine, then?

  3. this bernal wood is really about a divided and increasingly segregated community of bernal. Its about the new young liberal residents who moved into homes the children of those who grew up in bernal for generations could never afford. the focus is is about the new bernal, the new stores the new people etc. there is no history of the communities that have been here and some who decide to stay even though we feel like vistors to our own homes. with the new bernal which is pushed as much by young yuppies and is it by real estate pushers, comes nice stores and new paint jobs, but its far from a time children played on on all the streets, where diversity of people of colors shared common values and looked out for each other, a place where the selfish wouldnt find a home, aplce that gave progressive politics a home. bernal wood has never including African Americans, Latino’s and Asian who have been in this neighborhood longer than that all the contributors. This paper is writing for a divided bernal, one that soon will be nothing but upper middle class and mostly all white.

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