20 thoughts on “Confirmed: Bikini Jogger Sighting, Today on Bernal Hill

  1. Anyone else up for a bikini fun run around Bernal Heights loop? My daughters are down with wearing their bikinis in the double stroller and I may be able to convince our lab to wear a poochkini. I’m thinking sometime in April… I am for real.

  2. How about the guy in shorts who runs backwards up Manchester? I think we need some equal opportunity reportage on his exploits.

  3. I believe she is the official neighborhood harbinger of the spring. When she is sighted, we know spring has arrived in our microclimate!

  4. LOVE it! it’s been awhile and I was getting worried about her – glad she is OK! love the new bikini, it’s very spring.

  5. I’m just glad she appears to be wearing proper running shoes. I seem to recall initial sightings had her in sandals.

  6. I saw her out in the evening the other day! She’s keeping us guessing. 🙂

    A while back, some of us were planning a bikini fun run fundraiser, but then we all got too busy/sidetracked. I’d love to revisit the idea, though! Of course, now that I’m three weeks post-partum, me in a bikini might not be the best for property values. 🙂

    • she obviously wants the attention, a bikini isn’t exactly the best running gear. as long as she’s in public, people are within their rights to stare, take pictures, and talk about her.

      • She has got to like all of the attention. AND she has GOT to be aware of all of the fanfair surrounding her. This is a small community and info works its way into all of our lives here in part to amazing sites like Bernalwood! Maybe it inspires her to keep fit. Something must because… SHEESH! This girl is FIT! I say good for her. Do it your way Bikini Jogger!! There are too many followers in this world. Way to stand apart!!

  7. Have you considered that she might be wearing a bikini on her jogs in order to work on her tan?? She’s able to kill 2 birds with one stone: exercise and tanning together. I do the same and I’m a super-fit muscular male (former Stanford University varsity swimmer) in my early 30s with killer 6-pack abs and legs to die for, but I never have time to hit the pool to sunbathe. So I do it when I jog – in a skimpy speedo or thigh speedo briefs! Bright blue or red! 🙂

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