New Evidence Supports Theory That Mars Rover Mission Is Actually a Bernal Hill Hoax


David L. Kutzler, Major (Ret.), USAF lives in Tucson, Arizona, but he is a Bernalwood reader, and has been closely following the recent allegations of a government hoax to conceal evidence that NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover is not really roving the surface of Mars — but actually driving on the surface of Bernal Hill instead.

Mr. Kutzler has been studying NASA’s recent photo releases from the Curiosity mission, and he has uncovered some explosive new evidence to support the Mars/Bernal Hill hoax theory.

Mr. Kutzler writes:

I stumbled across your August 24, 2012 post on the “Mars Rover” hoax. Props to you for your good investigative work. I wanted to share with you further evidence of this cruel hoax. NASA recently released a “blink” gif image that was supposed to compare before and after images of a rock drilling made by the “Mars Rover.”

Apparently, they mistakenly released an earlier version of the gif where they hadn’t yet edited out the moving insects that were in the scene. I attached a version of the gif where I have circled what are obviously moving insects in the scene.

Of course, NASA is going to claim that the “insect-like movement” is an “artifact” caused by shifting of debris due to the vibration from the drilling activity. That’s what they want us to believe!

Using my own proprietary technique, I was able to zoom and enhance the image of the “artifact,” and I have attached it for all the world to see:


“Mars Rover” my ass! Formica rufescens is a common species of ant in California. The Rover is continuing its mission from Bernal Hill!!

Oh, and that giant space rock that crashed into Russia yesterday? When scientists dredge the debris from the bottom of that frozen lake, don’t be surprised if subsequent analysis concludes that the meteor was comprised of red Bernal Hill chert. Just saying…

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  1. At least NASA remembered to Photoshop out the dog shit.

    I’m Curious, though: where does this rover tend to hang out? I’ve seen the Bikini Jogger on the hill, but the rover has been more elusive.

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