Bernal Schoolgirl Offers Neighborly Suggestion to Improve Human-Canine Relations


Junior Neighbor Malia lives on Agnon in St. Mary’s, and she took note of the helpful Poop Avoidance signs that appeared recently on Cortland Avenue.

Inspired by that example, Junior Neighbor Malia, age 8, decided to create a public service announcement of her very own to promote improved relations between Bernal’s canine community and the humans who share the streets with them.

Isn’t that just the cutest thing?? Love the kids these days.

PHOTO: Malia’s Dad

31 thoughts on “Bernal Schoolgirl Offers Neighborly Suggestion to Improve Human-Canine Relations

  1. I suppose you get some points for the swearing 8 year old. Unfortunately you get points off for improper use of the apostrophe. It is either dog’s if there was one offending dog, or dogs’ if you believe two dogs contributed to that particular pile.

  2. Kudos for the sign. I wish dog owners would get a dog walker if they can’t pick up their dogs s-h. Many probably can’t afford it, and they KNOW they should pick it up. They must think their neighbors don’t notice. Thanks for letting them know we do!!

    Maybe we should all go in on a dog walker to go around picking it all up. If there were a way to charge dog owners for this cost, even better, but I just don’t wanna see it on the sidewalk, next to trees, in grass I might walk on, etc.

  3. definitely too much dog shit in Bernal…it’s ironic that the worst in on Cortland Ave in front of the library. Prop P…for more signs, fewer dog owners, and tough legislation…the people deserve a Vote!

      • Dog owners are people too, and people in all walks of life are frequently made to look bad by a minority of inconsiderate people who choose not to play nice. What needs to happen is the offenders need to be publicly called out on their bad behavior. Society has moved on from deciding that whole stereotypes of people are evil-bad because of the actions of a few, and rightly so.

      • Prop P for fewer dog owners! No problem with dogs, but dog owners give dogs a bad name. It’s hard to tell who is a responsible dog owner, dog owners cannot seem to police themselves and have an overwhelming sense of entitlement. Responsible dog owners should clean up and speak up against irresponsible dog owners…but they don’t so…Support Prop. P…the people deserve a Vote!

  4. is it bad all over Bernal? I note that Andover between Cortland and Crescent seems to be quite poopylicious lately… particularly the Eas’ Side. I’m not down with poop, but I say: down with poop!

  5. Congratulations Malia’s Dad, your daughters language choices will serve her well in school. Surely you will enjoy many profane rants in the teenage years. Curious how long the sign and pile will live in the yard if the rightful owner doesn’t claim it.

  6. As a dog owner who always picks up my dog’s poo, I am really bummed when I see poo piles. I end up picking up more than my own dog’s mess because I don’t want a few bad apples to ruin our public space for others or me. I often watch individual dog owners and professional dog walkers let their dogs roam and poo all over the place. The packs are the worst because you have groups of 5 or 6 dogs all shitting at once. They’ll bag a few piles of poo, place one or two in the bin but mostly leave bags of poo along the Hill trail. Do they think Bernal Poo Services is going to follow along behind them to pick it up?! Plus, now they’ve just added a non-biodegradable bag to the mix. If I can, I angle in a friendly, “Oh hey, you missed your dog’s poo – can I offer you a bag?” or “Excuse me, you dropped your bag,” Hiring someone isn’t a solution – we’re all capable of better conduct – and we don’t need to outsource common sense or basic manners. I’d like to think that most folks don’t mean to be shitheads but we’ve slipped on what’s cool. Let’s keep the neighborly banter going and remind each other of basic trail standards – pack out what you pack in.

    • I am a dog owner who walks her dog and picks up after her dog. I agree, Red Dirt Girl. I HATE stepping on dog shxx or even seeing it on the side walk. When it’s in front of my house I clean it up and it’s not my dogs of course, but I don’t want myself or anyone else to step on it. I also pick up my dogs as well as others at Holly Park if I see it and have enough bags. This whole poop situation is poopy. Makes us good folks picking it up get lumped in with the rest.

  7. Seems like there is more poop on the street in Bernal than anywhere else in the city. I’m OK if that’s false, but it just seems that way.
    I don’t currently own a dog, but love them. Maybe its a sign there needs to be more dog runs in the area.

  8. I have always wanted to catch an offender, follow them and pick up many piles of dog poop (in many forms) and deposit it in front of their homes! But alas they are like taggers— you never see them in action.
    And by the way……………. I love dogs.

  9. I live here in Bernal and I have a dog and I always pick up his shit. I get so irritated when I see piles of poop on the sidewalks!!! This is such a lovely neighborhood and I don’t know WHY some people feel entitled NOT to pick up their dog’s shit!! I see it a lot on Eugenia street. I must say there are several people in this area who walk their dog and dogs off leash, let them straggle behind them while not paying attention to them and end up missing their droppings. I said something to a guy with two off leash dogs one morning, he had walked around the corner and one dog was behind him out of sight taking a dump. He would have never seen that poop if I hadn’t said something, and he actually got annoyed at ME for telling him his dog just pooped. Come one people, be adults! You people ruin it for the rest of us responsible dog owners!

  10. Having been raised in a more gentile time, I avoid using profanity for the most part. However I do think the “shit” is a very useful word with a long Anglo-Saxon heritage. I find it interesting to see it creep back in to accepted usage.

  11. I don’t think there needs to be s restriction on dog owners, I just think there needs to be more aggressive fines when people don’t pick up. I’m a dog owner and I love dogs. We have plenty of dog runs in Bernal and for the record, you should pick up your dog’s poo in dog runs too. People don’t want to step in it and nor do they want their dogs stepping in it. The not picking up poo problem in San Francisco, not just Bernal, is very odd for a city who loves its dogs. It makes people who don’t like dogs like them even less and fight to restrict people from having them. Not picking up is causing more problems for dog owners than they know.

    Seems the mission also has a problem:

  12. I left my house this morning on Prentiss to find a steaming log in the bark around my street tree.

    What I wouldn’t give to have my departure timed with this inconsiderate neighbor fleeing the scene with their innocent dog. This isn’t someone who was caught without a bag, as it’s happening in the same spot more often now. Really annoying how inconsiderate other neighbors can be.

  13. So I recently bought a Dropcam for home security. I have a friend who works there, and she said one of the top five uses for the device is trying to catch the person who’s leaving dog poop on your lawn. I may point mine outward and see if I can catch the culprit because we, too, have been hit (alas).

  14. For the record, we LOVE dogs too and sadly our boxer died last year. I have always been a responsible dog owner. We were just tired of all of the shit on our lawn every day. 🙂
    Malia’s Dad

  15. I don’t mind all the dog poop in the neighborhood. In fact, I move to this neighborhood because I am planning the worlds largest sculpture made entirely from dogshit. There is other neighborhood in the city where I could carry this plan to its finish.

    • You can pick up some more of your medium of choice on Jarboe between Prentiss and Banks. I counted 3 piles in that block alone last night on my way up to purchase some awesome neighborhood (non-smelly) art at Inclusions Art Gallery.

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