Bernal Designer Creates Fabulously Cool Folding Lamp That Looks Like a Book


Neighbor Max lives on Folsom near Eugenia. He tells Bernalwood that he left his corporate job about a month ago to work on a lighting project he invented. It’s called Lumio, and it’s totally spiffy:

Three days ago Max launched a $60,000 fundraising drive on the Kickstarter to begin production. Now — get this! — he’s already blown through that goal, with a colossal $111K pledged. Wow. (Engadget FTW!)

Go Max, Go! Bernalwood gives you a neighborly high-five, and we can’t wait to buy one on Cortland.

PHOTO: Neighbor Max with a Lumio

16 thoughts on “Bernal Designer Creates Fabulously Cool Folding Lamp That Looks Like a Book

  1. Synchronicity! Found Max on KickStarter yesterday and contributed funding because I thought the design was so cool – incredibly happy to know that he is a neighbor – wonder how many more KickStarters we have in the community that we could support? 🙂
    –Lynn (from the Bernal Business Alliance)

  2. Wow Max. This is one of the most innovative and creative and clever designs (of anything) i have seen in a VERY long time. They are just too cool and i want one BADLY!! This is so cool it makes me so proud to be your bernal neighbor on Eugenia! I hope, due to proximity that we get to be some of the first to get our hands on these awesome lamps! Question… Do they run on batteries? If so, what kind? I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I WANT ONE!! Local pride does it again! BRAVO!!

  3. Hi neighbors! Thanks for being so supportive! 🙂
    @bluepearlgirl’s Lumio uses Li-On rechargeable battery that will last 8 hours on a full-charge. You can find more info on my Kickstarter page. Love that you’re so excited about Lumio!

  4. Love the lamp. Just signed up for one one Kickstarter. Cool to know the designer is a neighbor. And yeah, Max is a hottie. 🙂

  5. I think it’s a shame anyone would even consider bringing this to market before the battery can be easily replaced. If a Lumio can stay lit for 8 hours new, in a few years it will stay lit about 1/2 as long. In 4-5 years it will be useless. Meaning there will be yet one more product in landfills with a poisonous battery in it slowly leaching into the soil. Sorry that I can’t get excited about that. I don’t see people looking at these like they do a PC, tablet, or phone. There’s growing recognition those can and should be recycled. I don’t see that happening with a lamp.

  6. I hope Heartfelt can carry them, too, and that they can be priced so we can get several. I thought of a half dozen folks off the top of my head who’d love them as holiday gifts. Yay! Double-yay for Bernalwood in getting the word out too.

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