Bernal Designer Creates Fabulously Cool Folding Lamp That Looks Like a Book


Neighbor Max lives on Folsom near Eugenia. He tells Bernalwood that he left his corporate job about a month ago to work on a lighting project he invented. It’s called Lumio, and it’s totally spiffy:

Three days ago Max launched a $60,000 fundraising drive on the Kickstarter to begin production. Now — get this! — he’s already blown through that goal, with a colossal $111K pledged. Wow. (Engadget FTW!)

Go Max, Go! Bernalwood gives you a neighborly high-five, and we can’t wait to buy one on Cortland.

PHOTO: Neighbor Max with a Lumio

16 thoughts on “Bernal Designer Creates Fabulously Cool Folding Lamp That Looks Like a Book

  1. Synchronicity! Found Max on KickStarter yesterday and contributed funding because I thought the design was so cool – incredibly happy to know that he is a neighbor – wonder how many more KickStarters we have in the community that we could support?:-)
    –Lynn (from the Bernal Business Alliance)

  2. Wow Max. This is one of the most innovative and creative and clever designs (of anything) i have seen in a VERY long time. They are just too cool and i want one BADLY!! This is so cool it makes me so proud to be your bernal neighbor on Eugenia! I hope, due to proximity that we get to be some of the first to get our hands on these awesome lamps! Question… Do they run on batteries? If so, what kind? I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I WANT ONE!! Local pride does it again! BRAVO!!

  3. Hi neighbors! Thanks for being so supportive!:)
    @bluepearlgirl’s Lumio uses Li-On rechargeable battery that will last 8 hours on a full-charge. You can find more info on my Kickstarter page. Love that you’re so excited about Lumio!

  4. I think it’s a shame anyone would even consider bringing this to market before the battery can be easily replaced. If a Lumio can stay lit for 8 hours new, in a few years it will stay lit about 1/2 as long. In 4-5 years it will be useless. Meaning there will be yet one more product in landfills with a poisonous battery in it slowly leaching into the soil. Sorry that I can’t get excited about that. I don’t see people looking at these like they do a PC, tablet, or phone. There’s growing recognition those can and should be recycled. I don’t see that happening with a lamp.

  5. I hope Heartfelt can carry them, too, and that they can be priced so we can get several. I thought of a half dozen folks off the top of my head who’d love them as holiday gifts. Yay! Double-yay for Bernalwood in getting the word out too.

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