Chinese Massage Awning Leaves Bernal Neighbor Perplexed


Neighbor Lev wonders about a new business on Cortland:

I’m puzzled by the awkward, somewhat self-undermining slogan of the new Chinese massage parlor on Cortland:

Traditional Chinese Massage
We use only Chinese massage and energy to heal, not medicine.

What manner of non-medical healing does traditional Chinese massage bring about? Is medicine now something to be feared or avoided? Perhaps a medical doctor could open up shop next door under the complementary slogan: “We use only Western medicine and money to heal, not massage.”

Moreover, what kind of energy is involved? Is it adequately green and renewable?

Inquiring Bernal minds want to know.

PHOTO: Neighbor Lev

37 thoughts on “Chinese Massage Awning Leaves Bernal Neighbor Perplexed

  1. Reminds me of the Chinese massage parlor in the sunset district, near an elementary school, that was doing more than massage…just sayin’

    • Since I’m appointing myself as the arbiter of propriety :-), let me, ahem, lend a hand, and ask a “just sayin'”: What is it about this Chinese massage place that reminds you of the other Chinese massage place?

  2. I’m interested to see what its like. Better than a vacant space. I would love a little more diversity on Cortland, though. We already have Integral Body and Restore. I don’t know why we need another massage place. Would be awesome to see another restaurant (french? tapas? Burmese?) or a clothing boutique for men & women.

  3. You could ask the clientele if they’ve ever been to an abortion clinic to see their kids. Once a parent, always a parent.

  4. what is your source on this? have you gone in and asked and seen the ‘operators’? my bet is we just let a forced labor whorehouse into our midst. prove me wrong.

      • because my garment hem is without soil and it’s stayin that way, that’s why. i already told you what’s in there. you’ve got the right attitude sparky! and a good avatar. i’ll see what the business is registered as and by whom. maybe then YOU can figger it out and prove me wrong. and same to you on the STFU, whatever that means, but make it the ‘hard’ way in your case.

    • You are 100% correct. Prostitution invades Bernal. Or, a Sunset-type massage/prostitution invades Bernal

      • jmc, a man with a brain, instead of a drug addled pot of mush! anyway, here’s the score on ‘traditional chinese massage”. per the county of sf recorder’s office a person by the name of ‘tam man chiu’ filed a Fictitious Business Registration on jan 22, 2013 with the city and county of sf and commenced the business start up on that date. a fellow by that very name is the only person with that name in sf. he is 52 years old and has 4 properties in the east bay and 10 here in sf. a commendable record of the accumulation of worldly goods in the performance of business by my meager standards. more power to him for his hard won success. his nearest relative is a 50 year old female with the same surname. the person by the name of ‘tam man chiu’ with the 10 s.f. addresses and 4 east bay adresses (there is only one other man in CA by that name and he lives in Southern CA) shows a listing of 4 aliases (aka’s) respectively. the aka’s for the local mr ‘tam man chiu’ are:
        Tam Isaac, Man Cheuk Tam, Isaac Man Tam, and Isaac Mancheuktam. i see no mention of dr. tam or massage master tam, etc., so i doubt he’ll be on the premises of 901 cortland for a neighborly chat. looks like he may have a large family to care for and is probably a very busy man. clearly an asset to our neighborhood. so put that in your smokestack and pipe it one time for mr tam man chiu, our newest retail neighbor. i’m done with this for now. i kept the data somewhat generic so as not to have anybody knocking on one of his many doors disturbing his personal life. dig it?

      • swiss cheese, yes you’re guess is correct. after receiving my STFU and returning it in kind (not knowing the meaning but ‘feeling the love’ come from the loosecharm’s reply), i looked it up and your absolutely correct. see for a complete list of internet acronyms. i’ll try to keep my posts spicier with this new found info thanks to mr loosecharm. in the future those of us in the dark to the verbal merriment of the charmingloosegoose can just UTFG.

  5. Dear strange blog people
    Get a real life.
    Extremely strange.
    Has it’s limits.
    In other words
    Chill the fuck out

  6. Wouldn’t it be awesome if it’s a real chinese massage place, where you could get a good 55 minute massage for $35 like at Relax Feet on Valencia? Cortland has 3 nail salons now, why would a second massage place be bad?

  7. Hey! That place used to be called “Dan’s Cleaners.” Well, now, I guess old Dan has left and we’ve got this new Chinese Massage joint happening.

  8. A few phone calls and a letter or two and it can be gone. what should we put in it’s place instead? hardware store with real quality supplies? a gift and variety store? a furniture store? maybe a housewares store a mini crate and barrel with guest cooks to do how to classes?

    • lotta action on your suggestion gianni. let that be the indicator of the moral tempermant of your ‘nice’ neighbors. they’re so nice they wouldn’t object if their own children were forced to work there. what happened to mr loosecharm? i guess he just went away. too many AKA for mr tam man chiu?

  9. Hi Neighbors,
    This is not only a legit business, the massage therapist and his wife are some of the kindest people I have met in this neighborhood. They have lived here for over 25 years. Dan from Dan cleaners knows them well as she rented space from them for years before purchasing her own building. I just called their number on a Sunday and they opened their shop for me. After 50-minute massage for $60 I feel rejuvenated. I highly recommend Man Chiu Tam’s service!

  10. GREAT! now that we got the controversy out of the way, I am in the process to establish a business on Cortland and would love to know what else does the neighborhood needs or wants.
    what I would like to offer is a one of a kind furniture store, offering pieces by local craftsmen, many one of a kind pieces handmade.


  11. I’ve been curious about the new massage business on Cortland so I walked in today and just had the best massage. Put your fears aside, there is nothing funny going on here. Just a deep tissue, acupressure massage–you don’t even take your clothes off. As OffCortland wrote earlier, the owners are the kindest people and they were overjoyed that I was there. If you are looking for a great therapeutic massage, check them out. Wonderful experience all around.

  12. I find it so interesting that the “diverse” neighbors of Bernal have attacked this place up and down on this blog as being a whorehouse and place for a happy ending because a sign mentions Chinese massage. What the hell? If that place was run by white hippies, there would be no questions. Yes… The awning is maybe a bit lost in translation. But I am sort of dismayed at how racist the comments are on this blog.

  13. First of all: I have been in twice for massages and they are wonderful. The proprietor, Man Chiu Tam, really IS a healer. He practices an accupressure style massage that has helped me enormously. The place is absolutely spotlessly clean, light and bright. He is the only masseuse, as far as I know. It is “healing” in that it is designed to alleviate pain, as opposed to a Swedish-style massage that is primarily about relaxation. There are no 15-minute foot relaxation-type massages here – only one-hour, $60, clothed, traditional Chinese massages. Okay, now to my second point: Good God I can’t believe that kind of racist drivel is coming from Bernal residents! Just because these folks are Chinese, the first reaction is they are running a whorehouse and should be expelled from the neighborhood, without anyone even bothering to actually go there, meet them, and see what the place is like. Wow.

  14. Thanks to those of you who posted from your actual experience of having a massage. It reminded me that I had wanted to try it out when it opened a year ago and your comments nudged me to go today for my first time. Man Chiu Tam is a gifted massage therapist. The whole experience was fantastic. I will definitely go back. Call them to make an appointment. Here are their phone numbers: 415-215-0978 or 415-254-0594.

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