Abandoned Bernal Hill Chair Revealed as Fashionable Photo Shoot Prop


A few months ago, Bernalwood pondered an abandoned chair that was left atop Bernal Hill. At the time, we wondered if the chair was illegally dumped trash, or a clever in situ art installation. Soon after, Bernal’s Neighbor Frank saw the chair in use for a photo shoot:

The furniture is still there, and apparently attracting other artists. This photographer and model told me that they did not carry the chair there. The model hoped that the chair didn’t have bedbugs. The ottoman and two footstools were moved to the west. I didn’t see the black chair.

Now we learn the “model” in the chair was actually singer Thao Nguyen. Glamorousness! And how do we know that? Because we recognized the chair, and the view, in the picture spotted on the NPR website that also adorns the top of this post. (PRO TIP: Try to read this excerpt in your best Robert Siegel voice:)

Quirky but cutting, playful but forceful, controlled but ragged, Thao Nguyen is one of the most commanding and distinctive young singers around. She infuses everything around her with electricity and mischievous boldness, from her live-wire concerts to the way her songs gallop and clamor, picking up intensity as they go along. With her band The Get Down Stay Down, Nguyen is about to release her third album — We the Common, out Feb. 5 — and it’s full of tense, clattering folk-rock.

SFist tells us that Thao Nguyen was in the City yesterday to do a free concert at Amoeba Records. No word, however, on the current whereabouts of the now-famous chair.

3 thoughts on “Abandoned Bernal Hill Chair Revealed as Fashionable Photo Shoot Prop

  1. The chair is in a dump. It was removed from the park because it was trash. It’s sad that anyone thinks this is art and terribly sad that this musician left it behind after her photo shoot. She should be fined for illegal dumping. Thanks for sussing this out Bernalwood, I’m happy to pass it on to the District Attorney’s office.

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