Bernal Heights Provides Non-Pornographic Demonstration of Vine, Twitter’s New Online Video Service


Vine is a new online video sharing service created by our friends at Twitter. It’s nifty little  service that makes it easy to create and share short, six-second videos that loop endlessly.

In theory, that makes Vine an ideal tool for Burrito Justice wannabes the world over.

In practice, there is a critical difference: whereas Burrito Justice creates animated GIFs to serve the cause of La Lenguan independence, Vine has become notorious as a haven for short-form porn and exhibitionism. Oops.

Thankfully, Bernal Heights serves as the backdrop for a VSFW demonstration of Vine’s potential, in a video created by Bill Couch that’s called “Bernal Fireworks”

Welcome to the Future… you saw it here first.

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