Donate to Give an iThankYou Gift to an SFPD Officer from Bernal Heights


Following up on the idea of sending a thank you gift to the SFPD officer who tracked down a group of Bernal Heights muggers, Neighbor Regina has set up a fund where Bernalese can donate:

A high-tech theft in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood was thwarted by a Bayview officer who used a personal iPad to track a neighbor’s stollen iPhone. Police were able to locate the suspects’ car, chase down the suspects and get the stollen goods back. As a thanks to Officer Guzman of Bayview for his quick response and thinking we want to buy him a 32GB iPad mini. Any funds we raise beyond the price of Guzman’s iPad will go towards iPads for the two rookie cops that were involved.

I just kicked in $40. Please donate if you are so inclined.

62 thoughts on “Donate to Give an iThankYou Gift to an SFPD Officer from Bernal Heights

  1. Thanks for establishing this. I donated, but noticed that the “number” didn’t change…perhaps it just takes time to process. I hope it will accurately reflect how much is being collected! Good luck!

    • what now we make nice and want to give the cop a techie-toy like he’s our little boy that we pat on the head and give a present to? i can’t believe this stuff. then what, he’ll be on the the damn thing looking for a pistol whipping instead of doing his job. it’s so trite and childish a gesture that i would consider it an insult if i were him. . donate to something like SFPal at as a way to thank the men and women of the Ingleside Station and do some actual good. Officer Guzman already has an ifone.

      • iPHONE bro. iPHONE.

        On another note, I think we need to set up a party pooper fund. Whenever someone acts like a child and rains on the parade we can take some money from the fund, buy them a lolly pop and get them a stuffed animal.

        If they don’t learn from love, next time we put them on Timeout. First up on the lolly pop list, Mr. Lets Get Real.

      • so now you’re going to attempt to abridge my right to freedom of speech? what is with people like you? aren’t you used to a ‘spirited discussion?’ obviously not. sounds like you are living in a bubble world of self congratulatory ‘same mindedness’ and anything that disturbs that has to go. sounds like the life of a stepford wife. boring. if comments don’t fit in with your world view you want them deleted. you are an intolerant janus faced lost soul and i’ll see if we can’t get something together where we will pray for you.

    • they can’t accept gifts. it’s called attempting to bribe a police officer. you’ll get put in jail. really though, they can’t get ‘stuff’ from citizens. think about it. your gut was steering you right joyceonholly.

      • Let’s get real, it’s pretty well documented on this site that some people have inferiority complexes, whether about living in this neighborhood or about well-paid cops needing toys because of a short-lived crime spree.

    • no joyce, very different and you know it. it (what you refer to) was a corporate gift given officially at a city hall department meeting and was given to the equestrian mounted patrol division to enhance the department services and approved. not a gift for one cop’s personal use. watch out giving your money to that account. it won’t be used to buy officer guzman a new toy, trust me. it’ll probably end up too difficult to refund to the contributors and the $$ might end up being used for something that you won’t be too keen on, like some general fund. sounds like everybody needs to go and have their meds adjusted (higher or lower?)

      • Your analysis is straight-up wrong.

        This is not difficult. It will be done, it will be done properly, and if cannot be done as proposed, an acceptable alternative will be developed and community-vetted.

      • Hi LGL, I think some people just want to express their gratitude to these officers. It really isn’t that big of a deal.

    • The only gratitude the officers require, Joyce, is a “thank you,” because stopping crime is their JOB. Todd likes the phrase “community vetted” but in fact he’s adverse to even the slightest criticism and gets very defensive at the slightest suggestion.

      • Hi BM, again, people just want to express their appreciation. That’s it. Not that big of a deal. I also don’t agree with your interpretation of Todd’s response.

  2. Keep in mind that a WiFi-only iPad will probably be useless for tracking from a squad car. (Unless SFPD cars are WiFi hotspots, which I suppose is possible.) We should probably get one with a cellular data radio, though. I’ve had AT&T and Verizon in Bernal, and found Verizon to be more reliable. No idea how Sprint’s data coverage is around here.

    • I was going to mention the same thing. They will need a cell data plan. Most of the new data plans from Verizon and ATT allow you bring your own device into the plan for $10 a month and share data with your family plan.

    • in reply to the comment by todd lapin above: as he (todd) is the central commander of this blog he doesn’t have to leave an automated ‘reply’ link under his entries. anyway, thank you todd for confirming my “straight up wrong analysis” comment. you say “if cannot be done as proposed, an acceptable alternative will be developed and community-vetted”. i didn’t say you’re going to steal the money. i said that what you are now calling the possibility of “an acceptable alternative” might not be to everyone’s liking (look at the safety meeting comments). better if you’d fully vetted the issue before you started encouraging donations and people start moving their money around. dig it?

      • You’re a master of straight-up wrong analysis tonight. Todd’s comment didn’t have a Reply link because it was already a reply to a reply, and the blog isn’t set up to have replies indented more than three-deep. That’s why you were able to reply to my original comment, but not this one. The usual work-around is to reply to the parent comment, not an unrelated comment, like you did.

    • i don’t want to spend the time to learn how to “work around” the response system tonight. kinda busy, but that’s good information to know about being in ‘three deep’ joe. thank you very much. i see you are the ‘eastern bureau’. you and todd must think very much alike in that neither of you chooses to affirm my last comment where todd spells out the very problem i described, and then says my analysis is “straight up wrong”. being wrong about your “three deep” indented reply system is one thing, but to be told i’m “the master of straight-up wrong analysis tonight” because of an ‘indented’ reply system is another matter.
      we’re talking about the final disposition of the ifone/pad donations here, not my blog savvy. so i’ll say it again. “better if you’d fully vetted the issue before you started encouraging donations and people start moving their money around. dig it?” please let todd know of my response if ou have the time. i’ll try to figure out the 3 deep indent response “work around” and reply to the parent comment as you said. can you tell me how to do that or refer me to info that will, as i have no idea where to start?

      • To “reply to the parent comment,” just look up from the comment you want to reply to, and find the first Reply link.

        Sorry I can’t help explain the final disposition of funds. I wasn’t involved in setting up the fund, and my “Eastern Bureau” title just means that Todd gave me access to submit posts here. I haven’t even contributed money to the fund myself. I’ll probably wait until I hear what else is proposed to do with the money, since they’ve already raised more than enough for an iPad.

    • Let’s buy Todd the iPad and make him the go-to person whenever an iDevice is stolen in our neighborhood. It would make a lot more sense than buying an iDevice for cops as a thank you for doing what they are paid very well to do.

  3. This is a wonderful gesture from a grateful community, but I’m increasing my annual donation to the Police Athletic Fund. I’d like to help get these young people going in the right direction. I’ll send a thank-you email to the district captain thanking the officers involved for so diligently doing their jobs.

  4. In addition to a new iPad, could we also give the officer some bernal bucks? It would be great if he could take his wife (also a cop) on a date in the neighborhood he saved, paid for by the neighbors (who are all breathing a sigh of relief!), while supporting Bernal neighborhood businesses. Police officers have stressful jobs so a relaxing evening of dinner and drinks would be a nice treat for them.

    • you should have a mass said for their personal intentions and safety at st kevin church 704 cortland. contact pastor john tran or church secretary. i saw a bunch of them go in a couple of years ago for a 9:00am weekday mass of thanks and gratitude that was offered for the entire ingleside station. its over in about 20 minutes and there is no charge. i asked and they said the usual donation is $10.00 (total). the church publishes it in their bulletin and the day of the mass is made note of. they let the station captain know by email (or you can) and that’s that. these officers live in a daily work environment where being killed is always a possiblilty. they tend to respond well to the prayers and gratitude of the people they serve. you’d be surprised. say what you will, dig it? remember the service there a few years ago for David Ayood, previous owner of 4-star video?. the place was packed to the rafters.

      • get one of those whistles tomorrow and blow it. you might want to put a prophylactic on it first as with that bunch, you never know whose been blowing it before you, dig it?

      • And Homophobia is alive and well in San Francisco. Since love and tolerance isn’t part of your bible you are NOT getting a lolly pop and stuffed animal.

        You sir. Are officially on timeout.

      • you sir/madam WILL be getting your free lollipop to suck on and stuffed whatever. (remember, you brought this up) and be sure to get that free whistle tomorrow and blow it! my money sez you blow a whistle when one of these thugs has a gun on you, you’ll probably get shot it’ll make ’em so nervous, compliments of the men dressed like girls wearing lipstick. i’d just give up my puny phone and call it a day! you, person, however ‘unreal’ you are, are a good sport. have some fun. this is FRISCO! i think you have a good idea. i am now going into the ‘time-out’ corner and staying there so i ‘don’t hurt anybody’s feelings’ for a while. adios and best wishes

  5. How about you use the surplus $$ to pay a local kid to clean up all the dog shit on the streets of Bernal. Then we would not have some nut going around sticking flags in hot shit !

  6. I love the idea of expressing our gratitude as a neighborhood- but why gift an iPad when he clearly already has one?

  7. actually, i went to the Apple store on friday and bought three iPad mini’s and gave them to the Chief at Ingleside station. he informed me that someone from the department has to call me and speak with me before they can accept the gifts. it sure seemed 100% legal…

    and save your money. i’ll be buying another three for the Bayview station on monday, one specifically for Officer Guzman. this is what i like doing, as i’m all about the Police being safe and well-equipped to defend us. i’m very grateful that i can do this. i’m happy to help.

    afa some poster saying that having the police use an iPad to track a phone as being “not real police work”, you don’t know what you are talking about. on Criminal Minds, who’s always letting the Agents know where the bad guys are? Penelope Garcia, the “geeky girl”. like me.

    the only thing that stands between civilization and chaos is the attitude of the citizens and the Police. afa the attitude of the citizens; that i cannot address. afa ensuring that the Police are well-equipped to protect us, that is something that i can address, so i do.

    a Bernal Resident (name withheld)

    • excellent job mr nobody. this is how it’s done whether you agree with getting the ‘stuff’ for the sfpd or not. DO IT YOURSELF. or give some of your money to one of the sfpd’s charities like SFPAL. i know this is difficult concept to a crowd whose ’tilt’ is getting and spending other peoples money on what ‘they’ want…..

  8. Am I understanding this gift thing correctly: The officer has an iPad and we are now buying him an iPad 32GB Mini?!?! Should we get ready to offer a MacBook Retina display to the next officer who locates criminals in the hood? From reading the report, it looks like there were also officers who chased the criminals on 101 risking way more their lives. Anything for them? I vote that we donate all the money to a Police Fund as a community support to local law enforcement, or even better, that we ask Capt Falvey for suggestions. I am sorry but will not participate at this point.

    • +1 on asking the Police Captain for suggestions. Note: I am very appreciative to the persons who organized the fundraising. Thank you!

      • ndk has a brain. gotta think these things through (i know that’s hard for many) before making decisions, before doing things with other peoples money, property, etc., and making declarations, good intentions aside. it should all work out and if it doesn’t, there are enough strong willed people around here to make sure it will. i realize we can’t remain frozen in perpetual debate on all the ambiguities or nothing good would ever happen. and i have to applaud the upsurge of gratitude we all have for the ingleside and bayview sfpd in this case for risking their lives (as many are doing sight unseen every day) to try to keep us safe. it’s not a job for many people, and without it we would be COMPLETELY on our own. not a pleasant thought.

  9. I’m very interested in donating, but I’d like an update from the fund’s manager. I’m assuming that the plan will need to be modified in light of total funds raised to-date plus Bernal Resident’s iPad Mini donation. I will stay tuned!

  10. If I catch someone doing something illegal and call the police, I would appreciate the community getting me an iDevice mini (64 gig please), since I’m not even paid to police the neighborhood.

    • bernalese man he speaka da english right on da money. buying a cop a present is what you do in mexico if you’ve been stopped for a speeding ticket, or stopped for anything for that matter, but not here in the USA (yet)……oooooh ‘let’s get real’ just made a two big racial slurs…….ooooh we need to put him in jail for ever and ever…..ooooooh

  11. Purchasing gifts (iPads) for police officers who are paid to protect and serve is a ridiculous and inappropriate gesture of thanks. I echo the sentiment that there are plenty of other ways we can express our gratitude, but an iPad is not the way to do it. I’m surprised to see no mention of donating to an organization like the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center who worked hard to organize a community safety meeting among other things (on their probably meager budget) — they really need the funds and support! Let’s put our support where it’s needed, not in creating a multiplicity of Apple products.

  12. this is what happens when fear strikes the heart of bernal heights people, police become greater than life, they become the hero’s, the become our protectors. Considering the amount of public dollars they get for solving very small crimes, and the O.T. they get for writing police reports, it seems there are a long list of people we should think about: how about social workers who work with the fears and pain the police crack down on? Teachers, nurses? those who worked with our elders as they die off? Cops, they make a better salary than every public worker in SF bar the firemen. This is their job. . .

    • i suggest you call for a social worker, teacher, or nurse when some thug puts a gun in your face and demands your personal belongings. keep me posted on how that works out for you.

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  14. Hello Ofc. Guzman here. Sorry its been almost 4 years but I didnt know this was started. Thank u for your kind words and support. Merry Christmas

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