Sunday: Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Will Hand Out Free Safety Whistles


Some neighborhoods are protected by the Guardian Angels; Bernal Heights has the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. We’re lucky like that.

On Sunday, February 3 from 1-2 pm, The Sisters will be on Cortland and Andover, handing out whistles and dispensing street-smart safety advice in front of the Good Life Grocery. In case you miss them, The Sisters will leave any extra whistles at Chuck’s corner store, on Cortland at Bocana.

Once you have a sporty personal-safety whistle, here’s how The Sisters suggest you use it:

Attach your whistle to your keychain, phone or bag, choosing something that you always have with you so you can easily access your whistle if a threatening situation arises. If you are walking to your car late at night with your keys in hand and a whistle attached, you can blow into the whistle to startle an attacker and attract help.

Get your whistle ready if you sense danger. Use it if you think a sudden noise may distract an attacker or attract help. If you are already under attack, use your judgement about whether the whistle will help or hurt your situation. If you see someone in trouble, blow your whistle to distract the perpetrator, giving the victim time to escape.

Call 9-1-1 when someone else is in danger.

Blow in short, sharp bursts: 3 tweets (over and over) for “SOS”.

If you don’t have your whistle consider yelling “FIRE”. That seems to attract attention, whereas yelling “help” seems to repel people from coming to your aid.

PHOTO: Grays Antiques

9 thoughts on “Sunday: Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Will Hand Out Free Safety Whistles

  1. wait until they try to pull some of this “funny” stuff on the muslims. the followers of mahound would the make the most strident christian position on the homosexual issue and their push-back look like child’s play. go try some on a satirical street theater with the folks at at crescent and andover and get back to me. you are really a group of sad chickensh__ts who didn’t get enough attention as children. it was Mae West who said “you know how to whistle- just put your lips together and blow.” she said it to a man by the way. let me know how your ‘funny’ satire works out for you at that andover/crescent area. i don’t happen to like YOUR lifestyle either, just like you don’t like my lifestyle and beliefs, fair enough? probably not. if i don’t think the men wearing lipstick and women’s cosmetics dressed as consecrated female religious are humorous, i guess you’ll have to banish me from the blog.

  2. i like that law! it’s VERY good. only i didn’t use the ‘N” word or the “H” word now did i? my use of ‘fascisti’ does not qualify, as it is a not a word specific to godwin’s losing words describing the third reich. it is you who actually lost by godwin’s rules , as your link for the explanation of the godwin’s law was the first use of the word in this thread. you said it ‘in absentia’ by your link referral. oops! you shot yourself in your own foot! again! care to comment?
    you guys actually do have a sense humor buried under that carapace of propaganda that has been drilled into you. very good rule totally aside from your loss in this thread. i’ll play by godwin’s law anytime. you know what? as the country has been hollowed out of real jobs for real people here on our soil, i commend you guys for eeking out a living (or making a fortune, what do i know) in this world of internet ether. there’s not much left for regular folk to do here anymore, so here’s to your success and well being!

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