Outline of New Bernal Library Mural Now in Place


Some will cheer, and some will jeer, but destiny will run its course regardless; now, as planned, the beginnings of the new Bernal Heights Library mural are in place on the building’s Cortland facade.


Here’s where it will ultimately end up:

PHOTO: Top, Neighbor Anita. Below, he free-range We Built This City

15 thoughts on “Outline of New Bernal Library Mural Now in Place

  1. I don’t like it as much as the old mural, but definitely an improvement over the blank facade! Yay!

  2. Better than what was there before. Plus, this mural more closely represents the library — the graphic is styled to suggest pages of a BOOK. I think the mural will be excellent.

  3. Looking good. Much better than the blighted mess the old mural was. Besides being a huge improvement, it is indicative of the continued upgrades to the neighbhorhood.

  4. I thought everyone would like to know that the cast-bronze book which is part of the Cortland-facing artwork is now up on the library!

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