4 thoughts on “Reverential Cat Leads Bernal Heights Hanukkah Celebration

  1. I’m missing my cat (Dash) that looks just like Oliver Twist! Did he frequent the top of Bernal Hill by any chance (up around Bernal Heights Boulevard)?

  2. Thanks @pennysworth! He’s pretty much the cutest in my book, but I am his mother 🙂

    @Jeannie Stone – Oh no! I’m so sorry your missing your cat! Oliver is strictly an indoor cat since we adopted him as a kitten from the SPCA. He drew us in with those beautiful markings. I hope Dash turns up shortly!

  3. OK, thanks Melinda – Dash loved the outdoors, even though we gave him so much love, he spent most of his time up on the hill hunting mice. He was a strong independent cat. I’m sure many people remember him prowling Bernal Heights Boulevard. Alas, we havn’t seen him in many months, we miss you Dash!

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