New DIY Dog Wash Opening on Precita Park


Thrilling news for dirty dogs — and the humans who love them anyway: Neighbor Gina reports from the east end of Precita Park, where a new dog washing business called (… wait for it…) Precita Bark is preparing to open:

Across from Precita Park Cafe, the empty space will become a self-service dog washing station. I met the owners on Saturday morning as they were emptying a Zipvan into the store. He was excited. When the daycare closed up, the couple negotiated a lease and hope to do a soft open by last week of December.

PHOTO: via Google Maps

12 thoughts on “New DIY Dog Wash Opening on Precita Park

  1. Awesome! And I just found out that Bernal Beast has a do-it-yourself dog washing room too. The only problem is I no longer have an excuse for having a dirty dog in Bernal…

  2. Ill be curious to see how it compares to the one that just opened up in noe on church and 29th. It makes good sense to have a dog wash place near any popular dog park… I just hope there is enough business to go around.. Will they have some toys and treats too?

  3. Oh phew – my dreams of a wine bar or pub at the other end of the park is still alive! I was so concerned just reading the headline. Everybody, wash your pooches with abandon!

  4. How curious… people not have hoses and bathtubs any more? A groovy bar would have been preferable but still I wish them good luck.

  5. Yeah! have a very smell mutt who clogs our bath drain with hair. Would be great if they offer lotions & potions like the doggie spa on Church, but it will be BYO Old Spice Swagger Body Wash for us–our dog shampoo of choice!

  6. Would have loved to see a bar or a pet store as well. Hopefully they will have dog food & supplies and be more than just a dogwash spot!!! Hope they will do nail clipping and/or teeth brushing!! Can’t “self service” those on my pug 😦

  7. also, anyone else notice that the park bench cafe was opened last night? would love to see something happen with that space too.

  8. I’ve been wondering every day of the past few months what has been going on in there! haha mystery solved! Was hoping for a retail store (or groovy bar) but hey, pups gotta be washed. Also, what the hell is with the never-open park bench cafe?? such a waste!

  9. I bar will probably never go in that site due to its proximity to both a playground and a school.

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