Very Beautiful Photos of Very Crappy Cars in Bernal Heights




Just putting this out there: I think we should organize a Bernal Heights Car Show. Most car shows showcase immaculate or tricked-out rides, but the Bernal Heights Car Show would be an opportunity to celebrate the many vintage clunkers and road-warrior refugees that live on the streets around our neighborhood.

It may actually happen, someday. Until then, however, Rich Good‘s photos of old cars spotted around Bernalwood may be the next best thing. Any one of these beautiful beasts would be a trophy contender at the Bernal Heights Car Show.

Here are a few more:



PHOTOS: Rich Good

19 thoughts on “Very Beautiful Photos of Very Crappy Cars in Bernal Heights

  1. I’ve been doing a series on FB called “Today’s Car in the Neighborhood.” There are plenty of cool cars and cool craptastic cars in Bernal to do a show. Though it’s Glen Park, the first block of Chenery up from 30th St. is amazing. I think one guy owns about 12 cars. The neighbors must love him, but it’s a gold mine over there.

  2. St Kelvin’s had a real low rider car show at Paul Revere a few years ago. Wish they’d do it again.

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