Bernal Biker Puts Buddhist Voodoo Hex on Motorcycle Vandal

The awesome note shown here was spotted this morning in Bernal, near Coleridge and Virginia.

It seems that one of our neighborhood motorcycle owners had a spark plug stolen yesterday, and in response, said motorcycle owner placed a diabolical hex upon the thief. Which, in fairness, is probably deserved, because, really … stealing a three dollar spark plug is extremely lame.

PHOTO: Thank you, Neighbor Jonathan

13 thoughts on “Bernal Biker Puts Buddhist Voodoo Hex on Motorcycle Vandal

  1. I had many plugs smashed off of my bikes when I worked downtown and played music in the Tenderloin. I heard (and therefore wrote a song about it) that crackheads did this to smoke crack. Not being a crackhead myself, I cannot verify this, but I can verify that a smashed-off spark plug does result in a very thick porcelain tube about 2 inches long. Why crackheads don’t have their own crack pipes is beyond me.

  2. This happens all the time, apparently it is to break car windows. I don’t really understand why a spark plug would be better than any other similarly pointed item, but I guess that’s why I’m not a crackhead.

    • It isn’t about the pointiness. It is about the hardness of the material. $0.99 ceramic coffee mugs are another favorite tool for this with the added benefit that you can’t be charged with a misdemeanor for possession of the coffe mug. In California, getting caught with Ninja Rocks is considered “malicious intent.”

  3. I didn’t read that note as a hex but more as a predictor of bad Karma. We wished the world worked that way. As far as I am concerned, it’s as good a belief system as any. Putting a hex on someone is much more maleficent.

  4. I don’t think they’re using it to smoke crack. You cant turn a spark plug into a crack pipe unless you can saw through it. Smashing it will just cause it to crack into pieces, rendering it useless for smoking, but perfect for breaking car windows.

    It breaks glass because of science……. (go read wiki)

    • Ha, yeah that’s what came to mind for me too. One of my favorite best of’s CL. I also like the phantom sh***** one.

  5. Funny, I used to have a motorcycle that had its sparkplugs stolen too, and someone gave me the crack pipe explanation. However, the internet does now seem to indicate that the “ninja rocks’ are a more likely explanation.

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