We Knew Them When: Ichi Sushi Makes Zagat’s 2013 Top 20

Well, what do you know? Zagat just released its 2013 San Francisco Bay Area restaurant guide, and our very own, very glamorous Ichi Sushi on Mission Street made the Top 20 list — right alongside such boldface names as Gary Danko, Chez Panisse, and French Laundry.

Of course, upon hearing this news, many Bernalese will grin smugly, because we’ve known for some time that Ichi is rather special. And they can also say (with fake modesty), “Oh, well, we’ve been into Ichi since back in the days when they were at 331 Cortland.” Because it’s true.

But neighborhood bragging rights aside, Bernalwood sends our heartiest congratulations to chef (and neighbor) Tim Archuleta, and everyone at Ichi. This is an honor very well-earned.

PHOTO: Photo illustration by Telstar Logistics. Tim Archuleta photo, by John Storey via SFGate. List image via Inside Scoop.

5 thoughts on “We Knew Them When: Ichi Sushi Makes Zagat’s 2013 Top 20

  1. Congrats Tim and the rest of the Ichi crew! well-deserved! I’d also like to point out that not only is Tim an amazing chef but he’s also very generous and donated gift certificates to my daughter’s school auction that were so popular they sold for over face value. Thanks for giving to Bernal in many ways!

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