Five Year-Old Covers Bernal Hill with Graffiti, Leaves No Trace

Ahhhhhh… Indian Summer, here at last. And with a full moon to boot!

On Sunday night Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter and I headed up Folsom Street to savor the evening — and the view — from high atop Bernal Hill. As we sat on the warm dirt watching the twinkle of the lights, the Cub Reporter declared the shimmering skyline “the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” She’s a San Francisco kid, so that’s high praise.

Then, when we looked east to admire the giant moon, she noticed something strange…

There was bizarre vessel tied up at one of the piers on the waterfront. “It’s a ghost ship!” the Cub Reporter said.

Let’s zoom and enhance for a closer look:

Later research revealed that the ship was not, in fact, an oceangoing emissary from the afterlife, but rather a South Korean warship in town to ferry a delegation of diplomats to Our Faire City. Almost as good, I guess.

The Cub Reporter had insisted upon bringing her spiffy new LED flashlight on our nighttime micro-hike, so we decided to have some fun with it.  With the camera set to take long-exposure photos, I urged her to wave her arm with the light turned on. This was the result:

“THAT’S AWESOME!” she declared after seeing the result in the camera’s view screen. “Let’s do more!!!”

So we did…

It was a free-form spectacle of creativity, but by morning, her proto-Pollock light paintings were gone without a trace. Luckily, we got a photo of the culprit at the scene of the crime:

PHOTOS: Telstar Logistics

7 thoughts on “Five Year-Old Covers Bernal Hill with Graffiti, Leaves No Trace

  1. I agree it was a beauty of a night. We found ourselves on our deck (facing north) and enjoying the city view as the big yellow moon rose up from the east. Giants v. Dodgers in the background.


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  3. Thank you for your investigation on the ship. I was wondering what or who’s it was (thought it is big enough to be Elisons, but that was not the same boat that he had when they came through in the mid 2000’s world cup practices. I automatically assumed it was tied into all of the planes flying low and slow and clearly with no rules overhead. I am positive that was another of our gd mayor’s backroom deal sweeteners. Sure enough, thanks to your PI work.. You have allowed me to believe that my snarky disgruntled attitude about all of the goings on are still on target. Thank you! Great photos!!!

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