Farewell, Locavore Restaurant on Mission Street

I just didn’t have the heart to publish this last week, right on the heels of the news about the closure of Four Star Video, but last week several readers wrote to say that Locavore, the classy restaurant on Mission at Valencia, had also closed its doors.

Inside Scoop had the news a few weeks back:

Locavore owner Mario Duarte sends word that he will close his Mission Street restaurant on October 1. He says he wants to spend more time with his family.

Locavore opened almost exactly two years ago, in November 2010, on the stretch of Mission Street south of Cesar Chavez but north of Cortland, near Blue Plate and El Rio, among others. Locavore and its chef-partner Jonathan Merritt notched an encouraging 2.5 stars from Michael Bauer and later went on to earn notoriety for its signature burger, which Bauer dubbed “so darn good … a top-shelf hamburger.”

Still, Neighbor Robert was sad to discover that Locavore was gone when he walked by yesterday:

I loved it. We went regularly practically from the week they opened. We started going when they used paper napkins and had no art on the walls. I’m not even sure they had their liquor license. But over time it grew into a real live restaurant. The food started out great and never flagged.

PHOTO: Neighbor Lee

16 thoughts on “Farewell, Locavore Restaurant on Mission Street

  1. Loved Locavore. So sad to see it go. Homemade ketchup, best burgers, thai sausage at brunch! Now what do we do? Waaaaah.

  2. We don’t eat out all that much, but we happened to eat at Locavore shortly after it opened and then again a week before it closed. It was excellent both times – sorry to see it go.

  3. Meh. Their brunch was good, but for dinner they usually only had ONE meat-free entree on the menu. I hope a restaurant with a little more variety takes their place!

  4. Best burger in SF, that’s what I always said. Always friendly faces in the kitchen too. Will miss this place very much!

  5. The folks from Locavore will be missed. They were the friendliest people around, especially in such a tough business. Also, their food was fantastic. Never had a bad meal. It was always a wonderful surprise.

  6. Always wanted to go, but never really saw any vegetarian options worth spending the money on.
    My wife will be disappointed since she really wanted to try the place out but I never got excited enough to get there.

  7. This is too bad. My GF and I tried going this past weekend on a Friday and it wasn’t open. Really a great place, never had a bad meal. Never got to try that burger….
    hopefully the space doesn’t stay vacant for long.

  8. Oh I’ll miss the burger and also what ever else they were wont to sling. Had a wonderful squid salad, lamb meatballs, chicken wings. Was the best in the area.

  9. I worked there briefly. (My comment was removed previously, thank you.) If you ate the meat, you might want to know that they didn’t meet the Dept. of Agriculture requirements when it come to having a safe/sanitary area for meat preparation. (Everything else was ok, but prepping meat in a warm, dusty area in the attic with all the crap that families would store up there isn’t my idea of caring for your customer.)

  10. Last night I ate at the new Hillside Supperclub, which takes place Mondays and Tuesdays at Caffe Cozzolino down by Precita Park. Holy homemade gnocchi batman, those guys are killin it! Usually butternut squash is like “yawner, it must be fall,” but when chunked and comboed with ham hock it’s a winner. Seeing gnocchi on any menu outside Italy always gives me pause, because it’s so rarely the pillowy stuff nonna made, but these guys held up.

    Bernalwood’s already covered them, and their Kickstarter got funded. Last night, our waiter (one of the brother/co-founders) said they’re slowly taking over Caffe Cozzolino. The new Locavore??? Just please oh please can they hire some of the amazingly friendly Locavore staff?

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