Giant Wall of Fog Makes a Stylish Evening Entrance

Interior Decorator Jessica Laine snapped this photo late last week, while admitting that she is “falling in love with this part of the city.” (No surprise.) Apart from being lovely, however her photo also captures something very seasonal about summertime in Bernal Heights.

As we all know, summer is generally not the most glamorous time of year here in Our Faire City, because the season tends to bring fog, followed by fog, and then more fog, which is rather glum and chilly.

Yet to the extent that there is anyplace in San Francisco where the ill effects of summer weather patterns are not felt, it is here, in tony Bernal Heights. The realtors used to call this part of town the Sun Belt, and the label is generally true — except for when it is not.

Apart from our daily dose of sunshine, an additional benefit of our location is that we usually get a ringside seat whenever a massive wall of fog (it’s named Karl, by the way) creeps over Twin Peaks to engulf the northeast corner of the City.

UPDATE: Just remembered this photo from my own archive.

Here’s an aerial view of what it looks like when the fog rolls in, as seen from a Cessna flying about 1000′ over Bernal Heights on June 24, 2006:

Cloud City

And this photo, taken a few minutes later, explains why Sutro Tower needs an Observation Deck:

Above Sutro Tower

PHOTO: Jessica Laine. Below, Telstar Logistics.

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  1. I agree – we have the best vantage point for beautiful shots of the fog rolling in. When I take snaps I post on Facebook my out of town peeps just go Ah…

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