Foodie Wanted: Space Opening Up in 331 Cortland Marketplace

Neighbor Paul, of Paulie’s Pickle fame, tips Bernalwood that there’s a space opening up soon inside the fabulous 331 Cortland Marketplace. He passed along this email from 331 manager Debra Resnik:

Our retail culinary incubator (located at 331 Cortland, Bernal Heights, SF) is looking for an artisan food vendor to complement and enhance our current line-up. The ideal candidate is looking for a storefront location to grow their business, has never had a bricks and mortar presence, although experience producing and selling their product and a following is a must. They can be from the farmers market world, have done pop-ups, sold out of mobile kitchens and carts or catered events.

Please forward this announcement to any interested parties.
Thank you for any help you can provide,
Debra Resnik @

Paulie adds, “Pickle vendors need not apply.” Fair enough, but what other flavor of gourmet yumminess should move into 331 to round out the foodie mix in Cortlandia?

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19 thoughts on “Foodie Wanted: Space Opening Up in 331 Cortland Marketplace

  1. Yes! We need more reliable, affordable lunchtime options. I remember in the early days of Avendano’s they’d have taco Sunday’s. You could buy a seasoned pork or steak tacos 2 for $5 or $6, both were delicious. They don’t do that anymore, but 331 could! I vote for truly delicious, authentically seasoned tacos with spicy piquant salsas.

  2. Maybe someone’s leaving because they’ve outgrown the space?

    Anyway, two words: Breakfast tacos. One of the few things Texas can teach California.

    • Hoping you’re right about someone outgrowing the space. It’s happened before: AйDa Piroshki now occupies the spot on the sign where Ichi appears in the photo above. Which reminds me I need to eat at Ichi on Mission sometime soon…

    • Totally agree with the need for breakfast tacos. Best thing I have when visiting parents in San Antonio and always wondered why we don’t have them here.

  3. Cheese, Cortland could use an artisanal cheese vendor. Or creampuffs. Who doesn’t love a good creampuff?

  4. I second the artisanal cheeses…could be a bit overwhelming on the smell front for the other vendors though…alternatively – we have been hankering for a really good tradtional bakery. Freshly baked bread wafting up while I do pilates upstairs…there is the reward!!!!

  5. ’tis true, Big Dipper Baby Food is growing up and growing out! We’ve found some really nice success on, which will allow us to offer a more dynamic service to more folks. We’re really excited for the next chapter, but it is most certainly a bittersweet change, as this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our fantastic local customers and Bernal’s community support.
    Its pretty awesome to watch the ever fluid 331 grow and change, its like high speed evolution!!

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