New Blog Chronicles Flotsom Found on Eugenia Steps

Neighbor Lee has started a blog to document “images of stuff that is left on Eugenia steps in Bernal Heights.” Lee tells Bernalwood:

For my own entertainment I am posting pictures of the junk I find on the Eugenia steps between Winfield and Prospect. The rule is: if the item is remotely useful to anyone I will leave it there for a while, otherwise I remove it. I only document junk left between Winfield and Prospect and I am not interested in anywhere else (sorry). I have to say: since I started the blog it feels like the volume of junk has dropped off. Maybe we need another 100 or so similar blogs for Bernal?

PHOTOS: Junk on Eugenia

4 thoughts on “New Blog Chronicles Flotsom Found on Eugenia Steps

  1. I found a Safeway liquor bottle lock with a broken bottle neck still locked inside, and contributed it to Lee’s fine blog. A resourceful shoplifter must have left it after partying on the steps.

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