Feral Blue Bags of Doggy Poop Invade North Bernal

It’s not as much fun as a Bigfoot sighting — but it may be even more smelly. Neighbor Carlina is unhappy to report that blue bags filled with doggy poop have taken root on the streets of Precitaville:

The rumors are true… there are stray Blue Bags of Poo (BB-OPs) on the loose.  Somehow, bags of dog poop keep mysteriously leaving the hands of their owners and depositing themselves on Shotwell Street.  This happens once or twice a week while they are presumably on the way back home from Precita Park.  While waiting to see what path they take next, I have discovered that these BB-OPs like to find their way to the gutter.  They tend to shy away from what might normally be considered their home (the garbage can three feet away) and instead place themselves in harm’s way, where a car tire usually finds them.

I see several possible scenarios:

1) BB-OP gets alarmingly and spontaneously hot forcing it’s owner to spontaneously drop it before it is able to reach it’s proper resting place,

2) BB-OP was out taking a walk, independent of a dog or owner and lost it’s way,

3) Someone(s) is/are not so clear on the Blue Bag’s true destiny and the reason it came to this world, instructions for which are as follows:

  • Pick up pooh with Blue Bag thereby protecting your hands and the feet of future walkers
  • Deposit said blue bag in the closest garbage can or keep walking until you find a garbage can (in the case of these photos – three feet)
  • Ultimately this will lead the Blue Bag to it’s True Destiny and it will no longer be forced to take the desperate measure of throwing itself beneath the tires of parking cars

Consider it a movement, a social imperative, a calling, or at minimum, a courtesy to your neighbors in Bernalwood…

PHOTOS: Feral bags of Dog Poop, by Neighbor Carlina

16 thoughts on “Feral Blue Bags of Doggy Poop Invade North Bernal

  1. interestingly, i find a closely related species, PB-OPs (Purple), in the gutter in front of my house on Anderson once or twice a week.

  2. at least they are in bags….its a start. our neighbors just let their dog out to poop and don’t even bother picking it up.

  3. Does it always coincide with garbage pickup days? If so, it could be that someone’s removing them in order to rummage through your trash.

  4. Hmmm…I’ve had a dogless neighbors complain about poop bags getting tossed into her can. Any other dogless Bernalites feel that way?


  6. In the spirit of tying together a couple of threads, I propose that those of us who have bins that have to remain on the sidewalk because of lack of storage space (garage, etc) welcome the dog poop into our black bins. We are doing a public service, and, after all, our bins are on the sidewalk. I’d much rather have the poop end up there than loose on the sidewalk.

    But here’s a public service announcement for all dog walkers: poop goes in the black bin. Even if it’s in a BioBag, it goes there. It does not go into compost. And, though I admire your optimism, it cannot be recycled.


  7. I second SER’s suggestion. I don’t mean to judge, but I really don’t understand the impulse to be uptight about others using one’s trash bin. If you want the neighborhood to be tidier and more sanitary, why discourage people to place trash where it belongs (i.e., in a trash can, any trash can, and not on the street)? I would pay for an EXTRA bin if I thought it would mean less trash blowing around my driveway and sidewalk. The whole point of city-wide trash collection is the promotion of general sanitation. Common sense suggests that putting poop or trash in the nearest bin is more sanitary than carrying it around with you until you’re back at your own home. Is it really so offensive for your bin to hold someone else’s trash?

  8. My trash bins go into a garage on the first floor of my house. In the past people have put stinky bags of poo in my bin on trash day after pickup, and the poo has smelled up my house! Don’t put poo in bins that people take into the house, please!

  9. Hmm, I’ve had my black bin 1/3rd filled by dog poop on a weekend so I have to say: Carry your poop, people. And especially don’t put untied bags into other people’s cans. I leave my recycling and compost accessible for passersby but I hide the black one.
    Of course I have people who put their compostable poop bags in my compost bin weekly. Read the can people: No poop.

    I have a dog. I carry his poop to a public bin or my bin.

  10. I concur with Don. If you have a dog, please, pick up the poop and then take it home with you. I would not care if my trash can stayed outside, but it doesn’t.

  11. well, the feral bags have long been migrating to bernal hill, ocean beach, fort funston, ggpark, and any where there happen to be many poo makers for many years. (i own one of the poo makers, so i actually welcome the feral poo bags in my bin.) just yesterday i adopted 8 assorted breeds of fpbs at fort funston, at least for the short journey to their real home, the trash can in the parking lot. perhaps the caretakers of of the pms (poo-makers) had assumed that they would return to pick up these artifacts but then suffered some amnesia, or worse, but there are so many homeless fpbs there, i think many of these people might be accused of outright abandonment. one grows weary of wondering why, and wishes that these caretakers wouldn’t besmirch the rest of us and our poo makers with this careless neglect. plus the fpbs at funston and ocean beach are destined for drowning, and becoming potential killers of birds, fish, and sea mammals. put that on your conscience, you abandoners.

    typed with one hand, broken finger, excuse typos and punctuation. you can imagine what i would say with ten fingers

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