Sell Your Extra Stuff at the 2012 Bernal Hillwide Garage Sale

Neighbor Lynn from the glamorous Bernal Business Alliance wants to give all the Citizens of Bernalwood a heads-up about the upcoming 2012 Bernal Hillwide Garage Sale. If you’ve been looking for an excuse (or an exogenous kick in the butt), this will be an excellent opportunity to declutter your crib:

We are just getting set up for the Hillwide Garage sale scheduled for August 11th, 2012, and we wanted to give Bernal residents advance notice that they can now get their garage listed on our super-duper Google Map – to avoid some of the last minute rush.

All of the details are on the BBA website. including the flyer and instructions on how to get their listing in place, which are as follows:

If you’d like to get onto our Hillwide Google map please email the following details to bernalbusiness AT gmail DOT com, no later than noon PT on Friday August 10th. Send us:

• the street address of where people can find you
• a short description of what you’ll have at your location (max 140 characters!)

There are no registration or listing fees, but we’d like to suggest that you make a donation of $5 (and up) to the BHNC using the donate button here.

5 thoughts on “Sell Your Extra Stuff at the 2012 Bernal Hillwide Garage Sale

  1. I met my fiancée and baby-momma-to-be last year at the Bernal Garage Sale. We met eyes looking through the same bin of weird lacy stuff as we were both shopping for burning man. She was the best bargain I got that year, or ever! Thanks, Bernal Garage Sale. We’ll see you again this year.

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