Fun Parents, Hip Kids, Cool Cars: Join the 2012 Bernal GT

2011 Bernal GT

2011 Bernal GT

2011 Bernal GT

Here’s a good-clean-fun event for Bernal Heights gearheads… and the children they have spawned.

The Central Committee of the Bernal Dads Racing Team has announced that the  2012 Bernal GT will be held on Saturday, May 19. The Bernal GT is not a race, and while classic cars are celebrated, they are not required. Basically, the GT is an excuse to take that car you love to drive out for a scenic spin along the coast, with your kid(s) along for the ride. Plus, it’s free!

Announcing the Third Annual Bernal GT on Saturday May 19th

Join the Bernal Dads in the third running of the Bernal GT 100. As in past years, this is the kid friendly– but not kid necessary– run beginning and ending in the vicinity of the Bernal Heights neighborhood (See these pics from last year).

Bring an old car, or a newer car with a kid, or hopefully an old car and a kid. If you have something new and interesting that can work too — just no minivans or SUVs. This is a free event and does not cost anything to participate. We will stop taking applications when the GT slots are filled up.

When: Saturday, May 19, 2012
Time: 9:30am to mid-afternoon
Where: A to-be-announced starting point in San Francisco, and later returning to Bernal Heights.
Length: Somewhere between 80 and 120 Miles
Cost: Nothing. Nada. Zip

We are looking for the following:
– Car of 1980 model year or older

– If you want to bring kids 17 years or younger and/or kids in car seats, newer cars can be driven, but no minivans or SUVs
– Rare and/or exotic cars 1981 model year and newer can qualify for Exotic Status.

To register, send  an email to with the following information:
1) Driver’s Name, Co-driver & other passengers
2) Phone Number
3) Kids Along: Yes or No
4) Your Vehicle’s Name:
5) Vehicle Info: Year, Make, & Model
6) Applying for Exotic Status? Tell us what makes it rare/rarer than any of the cars we normally see on the Bernal slopes.

This is not a race or a timed event, rather a drive through the some nearby, bucolic roads. There are no awards for arriving first or in the shortest time.

The Bernalwood News Team had a great time participating in the 2011 Bernal GT, last year. This year, we’ll be taking advantage of the Kid Exemption to participate in a faded 1995 Miata, with Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter riding shotgun. Sign up, and I look forward to meeting you (and ogling your car, and goofing with your kids) at the 2012 Bernal GT.

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      • You’re quite right, Polaris. I should be presenting solutions, not trolling the comments. I must dwell on this and pray to Cthulhu and Crom for guidance. They will not answer, but the very act of praying to them, and the rituals therein, will center my mind. There will be a mighty procession of minivans, SUVs, and sensible cars. We will allow sporting cars because we’re good like that. Together, we will conquer something, with pillaging and rapIne to taste. We may even make Mornings On Two.

        I’ll email Todd with the deets when I’ve divined them further.

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