A Special Photo for the Hill People of Bernal’s West Slope

Last weekend Neighbor Isaac captured one of the most awesome and unusual photos of Bernal Heights you’re ever likely to see: It’s a supermongotelephoto view of the area where the La Lengua Autonomous Zone meets Bernal’s west slope. The perspective is surprising, because the photo was taken from (wait for it…) Twin Peaks!

For reference, that green patch in the center is the Colridge Mini-Park, with the Esmerelda steps running up the hill behind it.

The view you see above is nice, but for the proper mind-blowing experience, don’t miss the fully embiggened version of the photo. Wow!

PHOTO: Isaac Hepworth

13 thoughts on “A Special Photo for the Hill People of Bernal’s West Slope

  1. Can we please have Isaac retake this photo when the scaffolding is off my house, directly behind the Coleridge mini-park? It should be 10 days from now.

    Everyone else, please update your schedules accordingly.

    • There appear to be 3 houses about that same color on the lefthand side. After I painted my house “swamp green”, there seemed to be a dilige of houses painted green in the hood.

  2. Woot! There I am!! (and I’d be happy if the house next to ours was painted green – it would be much better than the peeling/rusty/I haven’t been updated in 20 years look it’s currently rocking…)

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