Former Park Bench Cafe to Become Tapas and Wine Bar

As you may recall, Charlie from Charlie’s Cafe purchased the shuttered Park Bench Cafe on the corner of Folsom and Bessie Streets. Now, according to this video by realtor Frank Castaldini, Charlie plans to turn the space into a combination tapas and wine bar that will also have some live music.  Opening date in “three to six months,” apparently.

PHOTO: via Bing

13 thoughts on “Former Park Bench Cafe to Become Tapas and Wine Bar

  1. A good plan, but as Charlie’s is a bit of a dive I hope he can pull it off. Also, please remove those horrible rolling steel doors from both businesses.

    • A note about those horrible steel doors: I spoke to Charlie about those a few months ago, and he said that they doors are required by the landlord. He hates them.

    • Tpas and wine are fine . If Charlie wants o succeed then he must negotiate with the landlord about the rolling doors. He doesn’t have to close the doors at 3 in the afternoon! And how come the laundromat is allowed to have a much nicer iron gate?

  2. What a bummer! I have many fond memories of that cafe. Oh boy, another crummy “wine and tapas” place that people who time-traveled here from 5 years ago (or whenever it was that tapas places were everywhere?) can enjoy.

  3. Tapas as in authentic Spanish tapas? or small plates of everything? got very excited at the thought of some tapas muy autentico and garnachas and tempranillos!!! OLE!

    • Real tapas would be great! American ‘tapas’ would be less exciting.

      But an extra spot to have a glass of wine is always a good thing either way!

  4. I was just in Spain and 4 tapas and one bottle of wine here was an average of 20USD. Anything in the states over that is too much.

  5. I really like Charlie and I hope he is successful, but I hope for his sake that the food he serves improves. With Precita Park cafe serving delicious food, Charlie has is work cut out for him.

    • Remember the old place that was there before Charlie took over in 2001? Now that food wasn’t very good. Charlie was a sure improvement over that. Things slowly improve!

  6. Great video! My excitement about tapas and tantalizing live music is building as high as the hill on which it will live!

  7. Frank,
    Nice video. That liquor license usually takes 9 to 12 months to transition. ABC has been really backed up and understaffed. Unless things have changed I wouldn’t expect it to go that fast. At a minimum the public will have 2 weeks to comment on it and if there are complaints another month or two to review them. If too many people complain about beer drinking and drunks stumbling around in the neighborhood late at night because of the bar the city may never let it open. A wine bar is probably good, beer and hard liquor may not work as well.

    • Plus it would cut into your (Harvest Hills’) liquor sales, right?

      When neighborhood merchants feud, it’s bad for the whole neighborhood.

      It’s been 18 months and nothing has happened. It’s a loss for the community.

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