Possibly Bernal’s Best Passive-Aggressive Parking Note, Ever

During a recent visit to the secret workshop of the Bernal Dads Racing Team, I spotted this note tacked to the wall. It had been left under the windshield wiper of one of the Dads’s cars, perhaps in jest — or at least half-jest.

Regardless, it made me laugh out loud, and it is definitely a candidate for nomination as the Best Passive-Aggressive Bernal Heights Parking Note, Ever.

The note says:

Please do not park your dilapidated crapwagon in front of my house. It scares my children and makes the house look better than it actually is.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is perfection — or at least near-perfection.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

7 thoughts on “Possibly Bernal’s Best Passive-Aggressive Parking Note, Ever

  1. The note-leaver did say please…

    It would have been overtly hostile to simply command it, not ask.

    I do love the term “crapwagon”.

  2. Love it. Threw it up on my FB to show my friends in the Ausland that we have really smart humour up here on the hill.

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