Pint-Size Easter Egg Hunter-Gatherers Invade Holly Park

The Easter Bunny eggs on three poachers.

At 10 a.m. sharp on Easter Sunday, the madding crowd could be constrained no longer. “Go!” a voice rang out.

And with that, Holly Park was engulfed in a sea of pastel-clad marauders. Unabashedly abetted by their parents, the young hunter-gatherers snatched up dozens upon dozens of defenseless, brightly colored Easter eggs, easily discerning their cleverly camouflaged nesting sites scattered throughout the rugged terrain’s grasses, tree trunks, and wood chips.

A mere 15 minutes later, not a single egg remained.

How, one wonders, can this species continue to propagate year after year?  Equally perplexing is why there were not just one but two Easter Bunnies on the scene this year. Are these mysteries connected?

I couldn’t get a straight answer out of either Bunny regarding the eggs, but here’s what they said in regards to their presence:

Easter Bunny #1: “We rabbits have a proclivity for multiplication. Also, there’s so much work to do—there are sooo many kids.”

Easter Bunny #2: “I’m having a bit of split personality today.”

Regardless, this video captures the mayhem as it unfolded on Sunday morning:

PHOTO: Bronwyn Ximm

2 thoughts on “Pint-Size Easter Egg Hunter-Gatherers Invade Holly Park

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