Chatty Sutrito Tower Joins Twitter, Hints at Top Secret Purpose

This was probably inevitable.

It’s an established fact that Bernal’s own Sutrito Tower at the top of Bernal Hill is a bit of a Sutro Tower wannabe. Whatever the much bigger, much more famous Sutro does, Sutrito Tower wants to do too.

Well, along with the Bay Bridge, the TransAmerica Building, and One Rincon, Sutro Tower is also very active as an anthropomorphized presence on Twitter… so it was only a matter of time until the social-climbing Sutrito Tower decided to create an account as well:

Yes, if you follow @Sutrito, you no longer have to wonder what our iconic tower is pondering at any given time; instead, you can follow along in realtime to know *exactly* what he/she/it is thinking — or causing you to think via his/her/its diabolical mind-control powers. For example:

More importantly, as Bernalwood as always suspected, it seems that our Sutrito Tower leads an exciting double-life, functioning as a vital telecommunications relay tower by day, and an extraterrestrial beacon for earth-bound UFOs at night:

We urge you to follow @Sutrito on Twitter, to learn more about our tower’s revealing inner dialog, and to know in advance when you might wake up to find this happening in your own back yard:

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8 thoughts on “Chatty Sutrito Tower Joins Twitter, Hints at Top Secret Purpose

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