Jesus Crucified on Bernal Hill (Again)

I was enjoying a delicious dinner at a glamorous French bistro in Potrero Hill on Friday night when suddenly my phone began buzzing maniacally. It was Neighbor Scott, a new Bernal resident who lives in the upper elevations of Folsom Street:

Ah yes. I smiled knowingly…

As a Bernalwood newbie, our Neighbor Scott was unfamiliar with the crucifixion ritual re-enacted each year up on the Hill. The photo shown above was taken in 2011, but this year Neighbor Nina captured some video footage of the re-enactment procession as it climbed up Folsom Street:

She writes:

[St. Anthony’s church] celebrates Good Friday with a reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ along Folsom St in Bernal Heights. Poor quality, but you get the gist of it. You can hear them chanting and whipping Jesus. You might be able to see the person playing Jesus carrying a cross, but my vantage point was not ideal and the truck stopped right in front of me. Sorry about that!

PHOTO:  Top, Good Friday 2011 on Bernal Hill, by Brian Wong

10 thoughts on “Jesus Crucified on Bernal Hill (Again)

  1. Wow! That’s pretty intense! I’m a parishioner at St. Kevin’s on Cortland. Not part of our repertoire…

  2. Pretty gross. I went to St. Anthony School class of ’62 and we never had anything like this…and I thought the 3-hour good friday services were torture!

    • Since I wasn’t enrolled in a Catholic school, I had catechism after classes at Paul Revere with a bunch of my classmates. We knew we had it good! On the other hand, Paul Revere lunches and the lunch ladies were pretty frightening. Guess it all evens out in the end…

  3. I am so thankful we were out of town this year for this! We live in the last block of Folsom. It is noisy and quite disturbing. Some of my worst nightmares as a child were ignited by the very graphic Easter religious specials my grandmother “let” us watch. The procession always scares my son.

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