Now Showing: California Poppies on Bernal Hill

Bernal Hill 5

Bernal Hill 4

Tis the season for wild California Poppies, and Julie captured several beautiful specimens during a walk on Bernal Hill last weekend:

The California State flower is the Eschscholzia californica. Known as the California Poppy or Golden Poppy, it is springing up everywhere. Here in San Francisco, it grows in the cracks of sidewalks and roads and can be found in all the parks. It varies in color from white to dark orange.

UPDATE: Ed Brownson added this gem to the Bernalwood Group on Flickr:

Poppy on Bernal Heights 2  (30 March 12)

PHOTOS: Julie aka Rudha-an, Ed Brownson

4 thoughts on “Now Showing: California Poppies on Bernal Hill

  1. One of my favorite flowers in the world. I’ve been enjoying the spring blooming, and since I’m sick at home and unable to roam the neighborhood gaping at different specimens, I’m especially grateful for these shots. Thanks!

  2. When I moved back to California after 10 years elsewhere, one of the first seeds to go in our front yard (east facing, more sun) was of the California Poppy. They are glorious and have formed a vibrant row of color for all to see walking up the street.

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