Mysterious Street Stencils Deviate from Official Branding

For the last few days, the Bernalwood news hotline has been buzzing with reports of a new street art stencil spotted in several spots along Cortland Avenue.

The stencils say: “Welcome to Bernalandia.”

The creator of the stencils is unknown, and the purpose of the campaign remains a mystery.

Candidly, we applaud the neighborly message and the tasteful typography. But we are obligated to note that the stencils deviate from official branding and naming conventions. Formally speaking, these stencils appear in the Cortlandia subdistrict, which is part of the Dominion of Bernalwood.

If anyone knows more about the origin and meaning of the stencils, please do share the intel. Likewise, representatives from the Bernalwood Division of Branding and Nomenclature would be interested in talking with the creators, in the hope that we can all stay on-brand. Thank you for your understanding.

PHOTOS: From top, Ann Lam, Mason Kirby, @shesanightowl

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