Stylish DPT Parking Daleks Arrive on Cortland

I’m not quite sure if this is a symbol of Bernal’s ascendant world-class stature or a sign of the Big Brother apocalypse, but the City’s Department of Parking and Traffic installed two automated multi-space parking meters on the 400 block of Cortland recently — one on the north side, and one on the south.

Oddly, the two machines are different makes and models. And even though the machine on the south side of Cortland (shown at top) is so stylish that it would look right at home in any major Scandanavian design capital, I’m inclined to take its arrival as a sign that the end is nigh.

20 thoughts on “Stylish DPT Parking Daleks Arrive on Cortland

  1. “The end is neigh.” Does this mean we should expect to see horses parked on Cortland in the nigh future?

    • I think that they are probably easier/cheaper to maintain, as there is only one unit per X number of spaces? At least, that’s what I would assume?

    • Agreed. Slow and inconvenient. Plus, if two people are trying to pay at the same time, you have to wait for the other slow transaction ahead of you.

  2. They are mismatched to keep the mismatched theme going. Bernal has at least 2 different styles of new “vintage look” street lights being installed. They differ in style on the same block.

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  4. I think it’s a competition…only park on the side of the street with the one you like best people! I’m sure the additional circling and angling for spots will just provide more time for appreciating our main drag.

  5. Wow, those contraptions are really eyesores! And people complained about AT&T trying to upgrade their rather discreet green boxes?

    San Franciscans have weird priorities.

  6. I used the one on the south side of Cortland last week and it was PAINFUL. I kept trying to key in my space number, 31, and it kept registering “8” and then”5″ and then “1” and then “8′ again. It took a full 3 minutes to get the thing to register the correct number. When I went back out to add more time to it, as is one of the options for payment, I went through the whole thing again and when it finally registered the correct number, it told me it had no record of time for that spot. Painful.

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