Star Sighting: Mark Zuckerberg at Royal Cuckoo

Poke! SFist reports that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was spotted in Bernal’s La Lengua Cocktail Entertainment Zone last weekend:

Dale Larson, who describes himself as an “executive coach to startup founders and leaders,” also chimes in, saying, “Just ran into Mark Zuckerberg at Dolores Park. Fabulous day, packed to the gills with skimpily clad folks getting sun!” Rumor also has it Zuckerberg was kicking it in skid row for most of the weekend, spending time at The Royal Cuckoo on Friday. He was even spotted walking on 29th Street. Exciting stuff. See, the Mission really is the new Valencia Street!

Actually, I think they meant to say Bernal is the new Brentwood.

Meanwhile, SFist has a paparazzi photo of the glamorous Mr. Zuckerberg looking completely unremarkable in Dolores Park.

PHOTO: Giggie LaRue

11 thoughts on “Star Sighting: Mark Zuckerberg at Royal Cuckoo

  1. sure he wasn’t here to data mine us and our communist past? you bernal-ies are in trouble- you think he’s your big buddy but all he really wants is to sell your personal data to marketers and advertisers. go figure it out, dummies.

  2. I had my own celebrity sighting of sorts at Nap’s 3 on Friday – Hannah Hart of “My Drunk Kitchen” fame was hanging there with her friends. I posted a photo on Twitter late Friday night.

  3. Who gives a fuck. Every damn blog reported his moves over the unseasonably-warm weekend. Aren’t we a little above this (literally, perhaps?) in Bernal?

    When Steve Jobs was turned away without a reservation at Flour+Water a few years ago, it made less of a splash. And that was much funnier. And Steve was a good tipper.

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