Newfangled Electric Bicycle Shop Opens on Cortland

Last weekend, The New Wheel opened at last at 420 Cortland. As previously reported, The New Wheel is a newfangled kind of bicycle shop, specializing in electric bikes that effectively “flatten” San Francisco hills — including our own Bernal Hill. The awesome posters inside the store illustrate this idea:

From the New Wheel website:

What should an electric bike be like? It should be easy to operate and maintain, like a bicycle. It should elegantly and seamlessly combine pedal power with a silent, powerful electric motor. It should be practical, designed to match the utility of an automobile. And it should be built of high quality components that will last. The New Wheel sells electric bikes that exceed the highest expectations.

The design of the shop is lovely, inside and out. I dropped by during The New Wheel’s opening party on Friday night, and introduced myself to store owner Brett Thurber:

Mr. Thurber was predictably giddy, and excited to be here at last. He also tells us there will be opportunities coming up soon to witness the hill-climbing power of the products he sells. In the meantime, do stop in, say hello, and check out the wares.

PHOTOS: Posters, by The Real WBTC. All others, Telstar Logistics

14 thoughts on “Newfangled Electric Bicycle Shop Opens on Cortland

  1. I love the design of their business front. Simple and classic.

    Nice workbench, too!

  2. I agree with Herr Doktor, both simple and classic design. Although it might be raising the bar a little too much–hopefully the rest of Cortland won’t feel inferior and feel the need to add to the creeping upcaleness…

    Can’t wait to see a demonstration of the bikes floating seamlessly up Folsom! Then we won’t have to build the funicular after all.

  3. Welcome New Wheel. I support anything that gets people to rethink their car usage. May I suggest that they feature more child carrying seats on their bicycles. Showing that parents can safely and easily transport children would be a big sell. In that vein: the San Francisco Bike Coalition offers FREE bike classes for adults, children and families. There is also a list serv through them for parents to support each other and ask biking questions. My whole family has taken these classes and found them very useful.

  4. I dropped by as well (it looked like an opening party and the doors were open), but was told rather sternly that it was a “private party” and that I would have to leave… (sob)

    Welcome to the neighborhood!

  5. thanks for the timely info Maureen! This bike shop popped up at the perfect time for my kid’s first bikes. These people are just awesome. They totally understood how a 6 year old doesn’t yet ride, and ordered proper trainers for his bike. And who wouldn’t want one of their gorgeous bells on their bike? Those alone are worth stopping in for!

    I’m not yet ready to hop on one, but their special bikes are pretty cozy lookin’

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